17+ Stunning Stretch Mark Tattoos Ideas

Stretch mark tattoos – Stretching your skin to the limit often results in unsightly stretch marks. In certain cases, scars can be reduced or eliminated with a laser treatment, but stretching is inevitable. Fortunately, there are ways to hide them from view with a tattoo.

In this post I’ll describe a few specific stretch mark tattoos ideas about how you could go about hiding your stretch marks in a fashionable and attractive way that will suit virtually anyone.

1) Hide your stretch marks with floral designs.

One way to conceal marks on the stomach is to get a tattoo that covers them up. Flowers are one particularly common style of tattoo that hides the marks well, and works especially well if it’s a design you like. The cherry blossom is a particularly good option because of its benign nature and pretty nature. It’s also not an unusual style for someone to choose, so you can be sure you’ll look fashionable when sporting your new ink.

You could choose to get a design that is reminiscent of cherry blossoms, such as the cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder of Rihanna pictured below.

You could also go with a cherry blossom Japanese style tattoo like this one, which has been described as intricate and beautiful by many who have had it done.

2) Hide your stretch marks with tribal designs.

Another great way to hide your stretch marks is with tribal designs. Many tribal tattoo designs, such as the ones above on the chest, are beautiful, and if they incorporate patterns with your stretch marks there is a very good chance that they won’t draw too much attention to them.

You can also combine elements of tribal tattoos with more modern designs, such as those on Rihanna’s arms.

3) Hide your stretch marks with portrait designs.

Another common way to hide stretch marks is by having a portrait tattoo done in the style of a painting. By making the focus of your tattoo a portrait of a person, they will hopefully draw enough attention and your stretch marks will be less noticeable.

If you’d like to keep the body part with your stretch marks covered up, but still want to display a portrait of someone on your skin, one option is to get it done in black and white. This makes the tattoo stand out more than if you had it done in color. This twenty one pilots tattoos also worth your time!

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