15+ Creative Twenty One Pilots Tattoos Ideas

Many people have tattoos to commemorate a life event, a loss felt, or a love won. Twenty One Pilots tattoos are often found to be significant in similar ways. For instance, one fan’s tattoo is in honor of the death of Tyler Joseph’s grandfather from cancer and to remember him being afraid no longer. Another tattoo commemorates the death of several family members from cancer. And the death of another family member from a car accident.

But that isn’t to say that each and every Twenty One Pilots tattoo is stylized in such a way. Other fans have tattoos that are simply random, like the one for their favorite song. However, if this is the case, it’s just as important to know what the lyrics of the song mean and where it was written, which will give fans an understanding of why they chose this song as a tattoo subject matter.

Twenty One Pilots Tattoos: The Background.

Twenty One Pilots songs have served as inspiration for tattoos on more than one occasion. For instance, the song “Stressed Out” was frequently used for inspiring tattoos about being stressed out and worried, among other things. “Heavydirtysoul” was frequently used to denote a moral that a fan wanted to be reminded of at every point in their daily life, such as putting oneself first or to give back to the world in some way.

While there are many fans and those that are interested in the band, only a small portion of these fans have had their Twenty One Pilots tattoos done because it is such a large part of the band’s identity. In fact, Tyler Joseph himself has called it “the most important thing in my life,” although he also likely means this as a joke.

Hopefully, this article has given a better understanding of the reasons behind and meanings behind Twenty One Pilots tattoos, as well as given insight on what to think of when choosing a tattoo. After all, it’s not just some random mark made on your body (like whether or not to get ink in the first place). It’s an expression of your personality and values, even if you don’t always realize it. Check also this stunning butterfly braids ideas.

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