10+ Crazy Hood Tattoos Design For Men

Hood tattoos are popularly used in the hip-hop culture. They’re typically meant to be temporary tattoos and are worn on your hoodie or hat.

Eventhough this trend has been around for a while, it is starting to take off as celebrities such as Rihanna have been seen sporting them at music awards ceremonies. The trendiest one is the famous crown.

The trend may be popular in the hip-hop world, but you can try to put your own spin on it. Pick a style and placement that fits your personality and they’ll stand out in a crowd.

These tattoos are usually made of a kind of tape or glue that takes under 30 minutes to dry. The tape or glue is usually green, although it can be any color you want it to be. Metal that is used to make the tape or glue can be zinc, aluminum, copper or gold.

hood tattoos designs

Hood tattoos exist in a way that they are typically called to be under the head of the back, meaning a person can’t see them while looking at you from your front. This is done so people don’t know what you have tattooed on your body.

Hood tattoos designs also have an idea that they can be looked upon as being temporary because it’s not visible from the front and often times requires getting back into trouble. A lot of these tattoos are of people’s names.

This has given it a bad name because it’s thought that a hood tattoo is nothing more than a person showing off that they’ve been in jail or are into gangs. This isn’t the case with everyone.

If you are considering getting one of these tattoos, then you need to be smart about it. You can check out the ones that appeal to you, but be careful not to end up in a bad place.

Here are some great examples of people who have them on the arms and backs of their necks. You can see what you like and what you don’t.

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