19+ Dreamy French Tip Coffin Nails You Have To Look

French tip coffin nails short is the new trend in nail art. The French tip is achieved by painting some colored polish on the top of your nail and wiping it off on the bottom of your nail. This gives you a nice, clean line that looks like an actual french manicure!

It’s a cute look that can be worn at any time, whether it be for work or for play! And if you’re looking for something to do with your nails this weekend, then head over to the salon and try french tips! You’ll love how chic they are.

French Tip Coffin Nails Short Ideas

Hello everyone! I have been planning my nails for a while now and I have been debating on the style that would look the best. Most of the time you see short, half an inch long nails or french tip with small flowers or other designs, but I wanted to do something different. It took me a few days to figure out what would work best because of my nail shape.

Surprisingly it was very hard to find french tip coffin nails short ideas so I decided to make one myself and share it with you all! Hopefully this is helpful for those who are struggling on deciding their next nail design because looking online is so much easier than going into a salon and getting someone else’s opinion.

Just a little note, I am not the best at doing nails so if you are professional nail artist, this might not be your thing. I would suggest using stickers instead of painting on your tips if you’re more comfortable with that.

What You Need:

– Top and Base Coat – White and Black Nail Polish – Small and Thin Brush – Scissors – Top Coat (Optional) *Note: These are just my suggestions of what to use, you can substitute some things if you don’t feel like buying them. I am not liable for any damage on your nails if you use other products.

Step 1: Apply Base Coat

Let’s start off by applying some base coat on your nails. This will protect your nails and make the polish last longer. I prefer using OPI base and top coat because it is long lasting and makes my nail polish look great!

Step 2: White Polish Application

Next we will be working with the white nail polish. I decided to go with two coats because this is what looks best for my shape, but you can go with one thick coat or just one thinner coat depending on what you want. I would recommend going with two thinner coats if you have a small nail bed because it will look more natural and have a better effect. We will be working with a small brush to get the best results!

Step 3: Black Polish Application

Now we will move onto the black polish. This is optional but I prefer using white and black together so I will apply one thick coat of black on top of my white nails. You can decide to do this step or not but it is up to you. It will give the nails a worn out appearance, which I like.

Step 4: Cut Nails

At this point we will carefully cut our nails so we don’t hurt ourselves. It is important that we cut them at a 45 degrees angle because it looks better and will fit the coffin shape better. If you don’t care about how your nail looks and you’re just focused on length, then just cut them at an even 45 and you’ll be fine. Try to keep your tips straight and close to the sides of your nail bed as well as the sides itself. Remove as much as you can without damaging the surrounding tissue.

Step 5: Apply Black Polish to Tips

Now this is the hardest part. We will be applying black polish on our tips to make them look worn out. This part takes a little bit of time because we have to make sure it looks good before we move on to the next step, which is adding a flower design. I usually take a piece of paper and place my nail on it so I don’t make a mess and ruin any surfaces.

Step 6: Flower Application

These flowers are optional but I think they look really nice and they go really well with the black tips. I would recommend doing two flowers on your nail or you can do one really large one if you prefer that. I find putting them close together makes it look more natural and not as big of a deal.

Step 7: Top Coat Application

Last but not least, we will be applying top coat to give our nails shine and make everything look clean! This is optional too but I highly recommend using top coat because it will make your nails look so much better. I usually use OPI but you can find it at your local drug stores.


My overall experience with this look was great! I tried doing something out of my comfort zone and it turned out to be really fun. I hope you guys try this look out because it is simple and anyone can do it! If you are familiar with nail art then you can customize this design to your liking. if you looking for another fabulous nail ideas, you may need to see pink french tip nails ideas.

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