21+ Pink French Tip Nails with Glitter Ideas

Nails are an afterthough for many people, but doing them the right way can really make your nails standout. One of the most gorgeous nail designs is called pink french tip nails with glitter. It might seem like this would require a lot of time to do, or be very expensive, but it’s actually neither! All you need is clear polish and glitter – every good blogger knows where to find all their supplies at any time!

Start by painting your nails in a light pink color (or even white if you can’t find light pink). Then, when your nails are completely dry, add a layer of clear polish on the nail. From there, add glitter! There’s no right or wrong way to do this … make it your own and make it yours!

It’s important to find even amounts of both glitter and clear polish when mixing them because adding an excess amount of clear polish will cause the glitter to sink; on the other hand, adding too much glitter will cause some of it to clump together. Experiment with different amounts of each until you get the desired consistency.

Also, try using different sized glitter (or “sparkles”). Smaller ones tend to stick to the nail better, but larger sparkles look more prominent. Try different combinations of pink and gold glitter to get a new look each time.

Finally, use a top coat on your nails. This will help your glitter from quickly coming off from regular hand-washing. It will also give your nails a more smooth look, which makes it seem like the clear polish isn’t even there!

Remember: Pink french tip nails with glitter can be fun for any occasion, whether you’re going out shopping with friends or planning a semi-formal party with family and friends!  Just remember that it’s not just about having perfect nails. See also our collection for long french tip nails.

Pink French Tip Nails with Almond design

In this blog post I will be going through a really simple nail art design for pink French tip nails with almond design. This is a great beginner nail art if you’re just starting out and want to try something simple, but still looking good. It’s also perfect for an upcoming holiday party or event to go with any sort of holiday dress and glam outfit.

The design is French tip nails with almond design, pink french tips for this design. This kind of nail art is relatively easy to do, but still makes your nails look beautiful. To make it more fun I spent some time designing the almond shape on the tip of the nails. The hand in this image is simply white, but you can paint them in whatever color you want.

The best part about this kind of nail art is that anyone with any level of skill can do it with just a little practice by drawing around the nail line where you want your design to be. This is a really simple design that just makes your nails look more elegant and feminine, without being too over the top.