How To Create Stunning Brown French Tip Nails?

For some people, wearing brown french tip nails can be a memorable fashion statement. But for others, it will be an absolutely miserable experience. Unfortunately, many people make the mistake of choosing a dark brown or black color when they actually needed to go with something lighter like white or light yellow.

The key is to know your colors and how your nail polish will look before you buy it and get yourself some true french tips! If you’re not sure what colors to choose from, just don’t do it and stick with your basic manicure of either pink or purple.

But if you’re still ready to try the brown technique, don’t worry. The tips here will help you out!

Step 1: Choose Your Colors Carefully

If you want to try the brown french tip nails, start out by choosing an undercoat color. For dark brown nails with light tips, pick a medium-dark brown polish. For light brown polish with dark tips, choose either medium-dark or very dark brown undercoat. It would be best to pick black as your undercoat color if you want jet black french tip nails instead of medium or light brown ones!

Step 2: Polish on Undercoat Color

After choosing your color, apply one thin coat of polish on each nail. For dark brown polish with light tips, choose a slightly darker color than your undercoat. For light brown with dark tips, choose a lighter color besides the undercoat color. Finish up with clear or glossy top coat to seal everything in place.

Step 3: Use Beige to Blend

Next, take small pieces of beige polish and apply them to your nails while they’re still wet. When you’re done, carefully rub the beige upward toward the tips of your nails and instantly they’ll look like french tips! Don’t worry if you can’t do it exactly at first; try practicing for a few days before you go out in public with them on.

Step 4: Polish on to Make It Look Like French Tips

One of the most important skills you’ll need to get your brown nails to look like french tips is the ability to wipe off excess polish from between your nails. Start at the very tip of your nail and carefully wipe it upward. Solving this problem alone will make all the difference between an average french tip nail and one that looks great!

Step 5: Apply Color on Top of French Tip Tips

Although it’s entirely possible to have light brown polish with dark tips, there’s no reason you should go that way when you can have medium-dark brown with light tips. If your nails look nice and french tip-like without any color on them, then buy a new polish to use as a top coat. But if you want some color on them, you can try the trick below.

First, choose a light color for your tips with one deep coat of manicure. Then gently wipe it off so that it’ll only leave the lighter one on the top of your nails. Apply the medium-dark brown polish you chose earlier on top of that and then add a final coat of clear or glossy top coat to seal everything in place.

Step 6: Keep It Wet!

The technique is almost done, but don’t stop now. Apply two thin coats of clear nail polish to finish your french tips off completely. You’ll find that wetness is extremely important with getting your nails to look right, so keep the nail polish on your nails for at least a full minute after application. That’s probably far longer than you’ve ever kept it on before! But the results will be worth it.

Step 7: Clean Up Your Nails

Now that you’ve finally made it here, don’t mess up the process by accidentally taking your nails off wet. After polishing everything off, go over each tip individually with a very fine nail buffer to clean it up and make sure that there’s no polish left on your nails at all. Then moisturize your nails and do whatever other steps you may need to take to keep them looking great. But remember: you really should do this before going out in public!

Step 8: Apply a Clear Coat Regularly

If you want to make sure your brown french tip nails last as long as possible, you should apply a clear coat onto them at least once a week. However, don’t use too much polish! Stop just before you apply it to your nails. Your natural nail just needs a little bit of polish on the top to help it look good. If you use way too much, then that clear coat will just soak into your nail and make it brittle and yellowish.

Step 9: Do It Again When It’s Wet

Even if all goes well with your first attempt at wearing brown french tip nails, don’t worry about having to redo everything again. If your tips start looking discolored or yellowish after you remove all the top coats, then try using a new clear coat that has even less polish in it. Otherwise, try using less coats of clear nail polish instead.

Step 10: Keep It Up

Don’t let french tip nails tempt you away from your usual manicure. Once you get used to them, you’ll see that you actually like the way they look and it won’t be difficult to go back to your regular manicure afterwards. And if it takes a while to get the hang of it, don’t worry; everyone starts somewhere and everyone needs a bit of practice before they can get their nails looking right. You’ll get it eventually if you try hard enough! find more cute ideas about white french tip nails ideas.