How to Do Perfect White French Tip Nails?

The perfect white french tip nails can make your whole nail look stunning. Follow these steps to get the perfect white french tips:

1) Prepare a bowl of warm water and some cotton balls. Dip a cotton ball in a bowl of warm water and wipe the nail off with it to remove any oils on the surface of the skin or polish on top.

2) Apply base coat – There is no need for this step if you are starting with bare nails, but it is still important nonetheless. Base coat will add strength and protect your nails from staining colors from underneath, also preventing them from becoming too brittle over time which can lead to splitting or breaking.

3) Apply a second layer of base coat to make sure it fully adheres to the nail.

4) Cover the entire nail with a coat of your favorite color again from a top-notch brand, which will add a strong and lasting color to your nails.

5) Remove any extra polish from your brush, and then paint on pretty white polish in small circles all over the nail. Make sure that you paint on each nail in a different direction so you don’t have any “white dots” on your nails.

6) Allow the white polish to dry for at least two hours. Because white polish dries fast, you should add more layers on top of it if you really want that perfect french tip look.

7) Apply a second coat of your color and allow it to dry. Add more layers if needed. Once your nails are completely dry, buff them and add a layer of top coat to ensure that the polish will last for a long time and not chip or crack.

8) Clean up any messes on your skin or on your cuticles.

9) File off the sharp edges of your nails and paint them with a nice nail polish color.

10) Clean up your cuticles and push any of the white polish off to make it more symmetrical and straight looking.

11) Buff and add a layer of topcoat, then you’re done! You can add some pretty nail art or designs to make them look even more beautiful. For example, you could add some black stripes for an elegant french tip design, or if you’re feeling super creative, spell out something like “Happy Birthday” in fancy writing on each nail.

Whether you are going for the perfect white french tip nails or the regular ones, remember to have fun with it! These steps are mainly to teach you how to achieve this perfectly symmetrical look.

White french tip nails with butterflies

A quick and easy tutorial that will show how to do white french tips with butterflies on them.

This short and easy tutorial will show you how to do white french tip nails with butterflies in a few simple steps.

To start, you need a base color of your choice in which to create the design in, in my case I used black gel nail polish.

Once black is dry, paint French tip nails with one side of the nail done entirely with white polish and the other half done entirely with red glitter gel topcoat.

Next, add two different size dots or circles on each nail for placement of butterfly wings that can be completed by adding red underglaze over the entire nail.

Lastly, a butterfly design made from the nail you did earlier with a thin red line that you can draw around each wing to make it look 3D. While the wing designs are thin, they should be able to be seen easily without looking too noticeable.

The end result is a pretty simple and easy nail design that looks great on both short and long fingernails. I hope this tutorial has been helpful. You may want to try these awesome blue french tip nails ideas.