10+ Trendy Baddie Tattoos For Girls

If you love a baddie, chances are you’ve got the actor inked on your body somewhere. But if you’re looking to up the ante, want to go for that full-body baddie tattoos, look no further than these 10+ ideas to learn something new and get your next baddie etched into ink forever.

All of these stunning baddie tattoos are based off of the iconic villains and anti-heroes that the world has come to know, love and fear over the years. The muscle-bound baddies, smooth criminals, menacing angels—they all get a fair shake when it comes to ink work.

If you’re into the idea of adding a killer look to your sleeve or leg (or anywhere, really), take a peek at these baddie tattoo ideas and get inspired.

Baddie tats are often chosen by girls as a way to show their tough side and stand out. But caution is always advised before choosing what you get permanently etched across your skin.

From temporary seals to permanent tattoo options, there are a ton of places for your baddie ink. There are even places to design your own personalised tattoo to give it that extra special touch.

According to pinterest.com, some of the most common designs are: Skulls, bows and ribbons; black roses and thorns; daggers and knives; phoenixes or dragons; daggers and diamonds; hearts, flowers and bows and skulls. If you’re still stuck for ideas then there’s always the option of anything Disney related such as Peter Pan or Tinkerbell.

Or you could try a baddie hat. I had one when I was about 7. It was a white sailor-style hat with a skull and crossbones worked on to it. My Dad decided that he would rather that I wasn’t part of ‘the baddies’ and took it off me, as I am sure you are able to imagine I was extremely upset!

A lot of people say that baddie tattoos are just for girls, but research shows otherwise. According to pinterest.com, ‘girls can choose goodie tattoos just as much as boys. Whereas a lot of people think tattoos are for men only, that certainly isn’t the case. The most popular designs on men are: skulls; roses and thorns; daggers and knives, a few of those symbols will be familiar to you if you’ve spent any time looking around Pinterest or Tumblr.’

Bad gang members often get their hand or arm tattooed with their gang’s logo or letter on it. However, if you have no interest in being part of a gang, then there are other options available to you.

If you are looking to make a fashion statement without the danger of being permanently branded as a ‘gangster’, then perhaps it’s time to get inked by using temporary tattoos. If you like anime, you may want to check this cute small anime tattoos ideas!

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