What Does Hand Sanitizer Do To Your Hair?

Hand sanitizer is an essential tool in preventing the spread of germs and illness, but what does hand sanitizer do to your hair?

When applied to the hair, hand sanitizer can strip the hair of its natural oils and cause it to become dry and brittle.

This is because hand sanitizer contains alcohol, which can be harsh and dry on the hair. In addition to causing dryness, the alcohol in hand sanitizer can also lead to frizz and breakage.

Another potential issue with using hand sanitizer on the hair is that it can alter the pH balance of the scalp.

The scalp has a slightly acidic pH balance, which helps to maintain healthy hair growth.

When the pH balance is disrupted, it can lead to dryness, dandruff, and even hair loss.

In addition to its potential adverse effects on the hair, hand sanitizer can leave behind a robust and alcohol-like smell that can be difficult to remove.

This can be especially noticeable in people with sensitive hair and scalp or those who have used a large amount of hand sanitizer on their hair.

While hand sanitizer can effectively kill germs and prevent the spread of illness, it is not recommended for use on the hair.

If you need to clean your hands and cannot wash them with soap and water, opt for a non-alcoholic hand sanitizer or consider using hand sanitizer wipes instead.

These options are less likely to strip the hair of its natural oils and cause dryness or irritation.

In conclusion, hand sanitizer can negatively affect the hair, including dryness, brittleness, frizz, breakage, and an altered pH balance.

If you need to clean your hands, it is best to use non-alcoholic hand sanitizer or hand sanitizer wipes to avoid these potential issues.

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