20+ Cool Travel Braids Ideas For Busy Traveller

The “travel braid” is a hairstyle that originated in the Caribbean, usually worn by women with natural hairstyles and textured hair. Travel braids are wrapped around the head like an infinity sign, held in place with pins or combs.

The travel braid was popularized by Trinidadian Zaynab Motaung-Ladner, who wore her hair in a loose braid over her right shoulder. This went on to become a popular hairstyle with young black women in the Caribbean, who would often wear it at a swimming pool, in clubs, or just around the house.

Eventually, Trinidadian journalists began naming this hairstyle “travel braid” since Trinidadian women of color could usually only get away with wearing it when they were traveling outside their home countries. Today the original Trinidadian travel braid is popular all over the world, and there are many similar styles, including variations on the infinity sign known as “twins.”

How to do travel braids?

It seems like everyone is into braiding these days. There are braid tutorials all over the internet, you can buy pre-braided synthetic hair extensions & those little plastic elastics that make them easier to put in and take out, and some celebrities even do braids on their own head from home.

But sometimes, that just isn’t enough. Maybe you want something more contemporary or a simpler way to get a sleek look for an event or just because you want to try it out. After you do a few braids, it starts to seem like a lost art, so we’re here to help. We’ll show you how to do travel braids — and we’re not talking about just one braid.

Travel braids are two or more small french-braided pieces of hair that are sewn together behind your head in the same way as a fishing lure. Travel braids can be done with synthetic hair extensions, real hair extensions, and even just with natural hair alone. You can make them out of 26 to 32 pieces of hair, and they can be very short or long.

There are many ways in which travel braids can be done — from a simple half-up or half-down braid to a side ponytail braid that can cross the top of your head or your face. You might like to add one piece at the end to cover up any flyaways or unruly hairs.

A travel braid can be short, medium or long, curly or straight. So just try it out and see what you like.

Make sure that you have clean hair and give your hair a good conditioner before you start, especially if you are using synthetic hair extensions. To do this, braid your hair into two sections; the front and the back of your head. After that, divide each section into three or four sections. Each section should be braided as either a twist, a braid, or a side ponytail.

You now have to divide the hair into two lengths. One length you will keep as your main braid, and the other one you will use for the extension part of the travel braid. First, make a simple half-up braid in your hair, taking care not to pull too tightly on it so that it doesn’t break. Once you’ve reached the end, secure it with a rubber band.

To make your extension piece, you have to split your hair into two equal parts and then make a simple twist braid. Secure each of them with a rubber band and then attach one end of the twist braid to the main braid. Then secure the other end to whatever part of your head you want your travel braid to be in. You should try different locations on your head to see what works best for you.

After you have attached the first parts of your travel braids to your head, you will start doing the actual braid. Make a simple french braid with an extension piece by taking hair from the outer side of each section and crossing it over the top of your main piece towards your ear. Secure it with a rubber band to keep it in place. Then take some hair that has been shed in the previous step and cross it over where you just secure the rubber band. Then continue braiding it until you reach the other ear. Secure the end of the braid, and your travel braid is finished.

You can also add some decorative beads to your travel braids to make them more fashionable. To do this, weave a thin string of beads through your hair before you start making your travel braids. Then eventually, it will show up right at the end of your braid, which looks really cute and trendy. You might have seen these kinds of beaded travel braids on celebs like Miley Cyrus or Katy Perry.

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