“Transform Your Mindset and Find Inner Peace in 5 Easy Steps”

How to Cultivate Inner Peace in Your Life: 5 Mindsets and Tools

Over the past week, the author has experienced deep moments of peace while going about daily activities like walking the dog, running errands and talking to strangers. One thing that has become clear is that peace comes from within and can be attracted into one’s life by creating a mindset and lifestyle that eliminates fear. With total control over how much peace we experience, here are five mindsets and tools to bring more inner peace to our lives:

1. Believing That You Are Always Loved and Supported

Peace comes from the inner knowing that you are never alone and always loved and supported. It stems from having support from family and friends or coming to a realization that God has your back, removing worries about security. To reinforce this mindset, it is helpful to recall several challenging events in one’s life where it seemed impossible to overcome. Then list what support, grace and miracles arrived which allowed one to move forward and learn from them.

2. Believing That The World Is For You And Not Against You

Choosing to believe that the world is inherently good and supportive enhances one’s trust in the flow of life. It also attracts more positive experiences into life by shifting attention towards gratitude for what one does have. It encourages positive thoughts, ultimately bringing a greater sense of peace and trust into one’s life.

3. Realizing That You Are More Than Your Mind

The human mind has up to 70,000 thoughts per day, with 70% of them being negative. Basing happiness and our sense of reality on our thoughts sets us up for worry, stress and feeling unfulfilled. However, connecting with deeper parts of oneself such as the heart, intuition and breath can bring a more peaceful reality. It frees us from overthinking and enables us to take action to bring about more positive and useful thoughts.

4. Connecting to the Deepest Part of Yourself

By connecting with your true self through your inner guidance system, you can experience a greater sense of peace. Your inner guidance system trusts the journey and knows everything is exactly as it should be, even when we don’t understand why things are happening. This part doesn’t show fear, doubt or worry without faith. Instead, it holds trust and surrenders to the natural ebb and flow of life. Cultivating a connection with this aspect can bring about increased states of peace in daily life and can also draw you to more peaceful situations and people.

5. Standing Still

Peace is your true nature, your prayer, the language of your heart and your destiny. Standing still and removing whatever blocks you are preventing greater peace from surfacing. So, take the time to meditate, take silent walks in nature, and be present in awe-inspiring moments. By doing so, you allow peace to find you, know that it resides within, and empower yourself to attract it in a more profound way into your life.


By adopting the five mindsets and tools discussed above, you can create a mindset and lifestyle that eliminates fear and allows peace to enter easily anytime. By choosing to believe that you are always loved and supported, that the world is for you and not against you, that you are more than your mind, by connecting with the deepest part of yourself and standing still, you will experience a profound sense of peace. Even in challenging times, you will be able to access inner peace that is always within your heart.

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