Top 7 Reasons Why a Purposeless Life Falls Short of Satisfaction

Every motivational speaker preaches the importance of having a purpose in life. They all tell you that a life without purpose is not the right way to go. None of them are wrong. In fact, what they say is 100% true. But it’s not easy when you’re struggling to find the motivation that you need to find a purpose. It takes a lot to take a step out of your life without purpose to change the way you live and think. However, there are fundamental reasons why a life without purpose is hurting you more than you think.

1. A Life Without Purpose Has No Meaning

Imagine not wanting to wake up every morning but also not wanting to go to sleep at night. No will to work, no excitement to spend, no friends’ company to enjoy, and no reason to continue living. This is what life without purpose is like. Nothing you do is connected, and you lack goals. This means nothing is leading you to an imaginary final destination. You have nowhere to go, you find it absolutely torturous to be on the way, and you don’t even like the route. A life without purpose is as meaningless as this.

Once you have a clear idea of why you’re living, you get an idea of the bigger outcome that you can look forward to. Every step of the way is meaningful. Your journey is not just a wander around without an aim. Instead, even the strolls become enjoyable because you know they’re leading you to where you’re supposed to be.

2. You’re Full of Anxiety

A lack of purpose means a lack of connection. Anxiety is triggered when a person’s mind thinks their life is in danger. So, in the case of a purposeless life, your brain translates the lack of connection to be a threat to your life. Anything that doesn’t seem to fit is automatically a danger as per your brain. But, when your mind can link your doings with a coherent purpose, everything tends to make more sense. Hence, you feel more at peace and less anxious. Your mind is at ease because the path to the final purpose isn’t pointless anymore.

3. Motivation Is a Long-Lost Dream

Without a purpose, you can never scale your achievements. Since you don’t know what it’s leading you to, you consider it to be meaningless. But when you’re well-aware of the expected results, the smallest progress is a motivation booster too. You can try out all the motivation boosting tips but the one that will work the best is to find your life’s purpose and live by it.

4. Lack of Focus Keeps You From Growing

Every field, career, part of life, and relationship requires growth. Human life is ultimately the name of progress. You may have access to the best knowledge sources. Yet, you won’t learn a word unless your mind is in a state to absorb that information. Similarly, if you’re focused, you can learn something valuable even from the most non-happening events.

With a clear life purpose, you’ll choose a career path, people around you, relationships, friends, living space, and even your daily commute accordingly. So everywhere you go, your focus remains undisturbed. The end goal in mind is consistent. With a clear focus on the right things, you can easily get past the minor inconveniences. The important things are always in your focus no matter how small they are. So, overall, it gets way easier for a person with a defined life purpose to work well, harder, and more effectively.

5. Success Seems Unachievable in a Life Without Purpose

Without even knowing what your life’s purpose is—no matter how hard you work—it will be useless. If you know the right path for you, you might not even have to work half as hard to get to your desired results.

6. Affects Physical Health

The strain on your mind automatically translates to your physical body. Continuous stress is likely to cause hair loss, acne, weight loss, weight gain, etc. Studies have proven that people with a clear sense of purpose in life live longer than those who continue with a life without purpose. People with their life purpose well-defined were able to tolerate more pain and also had a lesser risk of heart diseases. People without a purpose in life are 2.4 times more likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease too.

7. Nothing in Life Is Enjoyable

Social inclusion is a huge part of one’s purpose in life. People who are living a purposeless life tend to be more lonely. Even if they join social gatherings, they are lesser likely to enjoy it. Since such people do not have mental clarity, they just cannot enjoy the fun things around them. Their brain is unable to comprehend emotions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that people with purpose are happier than those who don’t have one. It just means that people with a purposeful life have a better sense of connection to people and their surroundings.

In conclusion, a life without purpose is a life without meaning. It affects your mental and physical health, your social life, your ability to focus, and your motivation to achieve success. So, it’s high time we all start thinking about our life’s purpose. It’s not an easy journey, but it’s a necessary one to live a fulfilling life.

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