Top 7 Coffee Makers Guaranteed to Brew the Perfect Cup Every Time

Enjoying a Cup of Quality Coffee: 7 Best Coffee Makers for a Perfect Brew


For coffee aficionados, enjoying a cup of quality coffee is one of life’s little pleasures that they take seriously. They swear by their chosen methods of brewing and perceive instant coffee as sacrilege. The perfect cup of coffee requires properly ground coffee selected from numerous blends from different parts of the world. In this article, we will discuss the seven best coffee makers for a perfect cup of coffee.

French Press

The French press is an inexpensive and simple method of making a good cup of coffee. It requires hot water and coffee, with no filters. With the French press, you can regulate the coffee’s strength by controlling the brewing time. One of the best traditional-style French press coffee makers is the Bodum Chambord. It comes in different sizes, has a quality chrome-covered brass frame, and a removable and replaceable glass carafe. Another traditional-style model is the Stoneware French Press from Le Creuset. It is available in several different colors and has a much different weight than glass and metal varieties. For a modern take on the French press, the Frieling French Press fits the bill. Made from double-walled, polished stainless steel, it retains heat, prevents accidental burning of hands, and is stylish enough to suit modern contemporary living.

Moka Pot

The Moka pot is a coffee maker used on the stove or cooker. It works by using steam, under pressure, to pass hot water through ground coffee. A drawback of making coffee this way is having to have a stove to use it on. However, the quality of the end result is similar to coffee made in an espresso machine. The original, and regarded by many as still the best, is the Bialetti Moka Express. Another quality Moka pot is the Moka Pot Top, made by the Italian company Moka Pot. A significant difference between this and the Bialetti Moka Express is the titanium-alloy base, and the Moka Pot Top works well on any cooking surface, including the modern induction hobs.

Pour-Over Coffee Maker

The pour-over method is a simple way to produce quality coffee. A cone is placed in the top of a cup or carafe, and a paper or material filter is placed inside the cone. Coffee is added, and water is slowly poured over the coffee grounds, with the resulting coffee flowing through a small hole in the bottom of the cone. The Chemex coffeemaker is an elegantly designed vessel made of high-quality, heat-resistant glass, with a heat-resistant collar that acts as a handle. It was selected by the Illinois Institute of Technology as one of the 100 best-designed products of all time. The Hario Cafeor Stainless Steel Dripper is different in that it doesn’t use filters that need replacing. Instead, it has a fine metal mesh that allows more of the coffee’s oils to pass through, giving the resulting coffee more body than can be achieved using paper filters.


Coffee lovers take brewing coffee seriously, and there are numerous ways to brew coffee, from traditional to modern ways. In this article, we discussed the seven best coffee makers for a perfect cup of coffee: the French press, Moka pot, and pour-over coffee maker. With these coffee makers, coffee lovers can enjoy a perfect, quality cup of coffee with a flavor that they will savor every time.

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