“Top 6 Must-Watch TV Shows for Your Child’s Best Development”

The Best Educational Children’s TV Shows: 6 Programs That Kids Should Watch

Pediatricians agree that spending time being active outdoors and playing with peers is essential for kids. But, that doesn’t mean television has to be taken out of the picture. There are several educational TV shows that help children learn before and after they enter school. Here are six TV shows that all children should watch, and the important lessons they teach:

Sesame Street

As one of the longest-running children’s shows on TV, Sesame Street remains a favorite among parents. It teaches children about sharing, being a good friend, and other important values. Additionally, words and letters are introduced through fun scenes and songs with favorite character like Elmo, Big Bird, Zoey, and Cookie Monster. The show even has guest appearances from famous people, adding a real-world charm.

Sesame Street has been airing on PBS (and other networks) since 1969. Moreover, most TV packages include this channel, ensuring kids can be entertained and educated without extra expenditures.

Super Why!

What child doesn’t like a superhero? Well, Super Why has four of them: Alpha Pig with Alphabet Power; Princess Presto with Spelling Power; Wonder Red with Word Power; and Super Why with the Power to Read. This TV show teaches children how to put letters together to make words and how to sound out words when reading. It’s great for kids from preschool to second grade. Several companies have given the show high ratings for education and entertainment, such as Common Sense Media, making Super Why! a great educational and entertaining show for kids. It has been airing on PBS and PBS Kids Sprout since 2008.

Dora the Explorer

This interactive cartoon for pre-schoolers teaches kids about colors, shapes, numbers, and more. Kids help Dora, a Latina heroine, solve problems and go on adventures while singing songs and having fun. Common Spanish words and phrases are also incorporated to give children a jumpstart on learning a second language. This show helps kids interact with children of diverse backgrounds when they get to school. Nickelodeon has been featuring Dora the Explorer since 2000, and the TV show, Go, Diego, Go! stemmed from its success.

Thomas and Friends

Based on the Railway Series books by Reverend Wilbery Awdry, Thomas and Friends follows the story of locomotive friends who live on Sodor Island. Large engines and small engines form a story that examines differences while focussing on the strengths of each character. It teaches children to accept others for who they are and always do their best in everything. After all, the catchphrase of the show is “I think I can.” Thomas and Friends has been airing since 1984, although the show was redone in 2003 by ITV.

Imagination Movers

Imagination Movers is a live-action series about a New Orleans band that likes to solve problems. Rich, Dave, Scott, and “Smitty” hang out in the “Idea Warehouse,” where they solve emergencies and make music together. The upbeat music keeps children listening while teaching them how to think things through. After watching the show, kids should be able to tackle any problem that comes their way. Imagination Movers have been running on Disney since 2003.


Based on the classic children’s book series by Marc Brown, Arthur is about an 8-year-old boy from Elwood City who deals with many childhood issues. For example, the show explores several health-related and social issues such as cancer, dyslexia, and other disabilities. The stories along with the theme song “Believe in Yourself” teach kids how to deal with these problems and accept everyone. Arthur has been airing on PBS since 1996.

TV shows are replete with inappropriate content that can negatively impact our children. Therefore, it’s essential to carefully select the educational programs they watch. The aforementioned television shows are some of the best due to their educational value. So next time your child tunes in to their favourite program, you can be sure that they’re learning valuable ideas and skills.

What other children’s TV shows would you recommend to parents? Let us know in the comments section below!