Top 5 Tools for Seamless Transition to Cloud Computing

5 Services That Make Moving to the Cloud Easier: A Guide for Businesses


Cloud computing has gained immense popularity among businesses due to its ability to provide better productivity, more capabilities through cloud applications, and cost reduction while expanding their reach. According to a recent cloud survey by RightScale, 88 percent of enterprises are currently using a public cloud. As the number is likely to climb in the future, the cloud market has become highly competitive. However, the question remains: what’s the easiest way to make the move to the cloud? Luckily, various tech companies have come up with special services designed just for that purpose, easing the transition into the cloud.

1. SAP Cloud Transformation Services

SAP Cloud Services help companies plan out a detailed cloud adoption strategy that helps them determine objectives and goals, choose what services are right for meeting those goals, and outline what benefits they stand to gain. This service works closely during the “before” stages of the transition to the cloud. A detailed plan geared toward making the cloud transition can help avoid mistakes in the future.

2. Dell Cloud Marketplace

Choosing one or the right combination of several clouds can be tiresome. Dell Cloud Marketplace allows businesses to compare a large variety of public clouds to pick the one that works best for them. This tool also lets users purchase and configure those public clouds and cloud applications while managing them from one easy-to-use interface.

3. Rackspace Migration Services

If a business already has a hosted environment but wishes to move it to the cloud, Rackspace Migration Services might be the right fit. This service allows companies to move applications, email, servers, and databases to the cloud with minimal fuss. If the environment is simple, it can be done for free, while complex environments can still be moved effortlessly. Like other services, this one offers expert consultations, helping build and execute a cloud migration plan.

4. IBM Cloud Marketplace

IBM Cloud Marketplace helps determine what kind of cloud services would be the best for a business. Through a simple interface, users can determine the options they want to pursue and what kind of platforms, applications, and infrastructure they need to use in the cloud. This service allows checking out IBM and other services before making a final decision.

5. Oracle Transition Services

Oracle Transition Services help determine how best to make the move to the cloud. The service provides guidance in transitioning to a configuration that represents the right fit for what the business is trying to do. Oracle also provides upgrade assistance and support, which can help make a cloud transition much less worrisome. All services are delivered under cost controls, ensuring businesses get their money’s worth.


Each of these services has the same goal in mind: facilitating the transition into the cloud. Depending on the company, such a move can be intimidating, but the benefits of cloud computing are well worth the effort. With these services in hand, businesses can make their leap into the cloud as seamlessly as possible. The resources are there; one just has to take advantage of them. The result will be a much more agile business ripe for years of growth.

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