“Top 5 Fascinating Reasons Photographers Are Irresistibly Attractive”

The Art of Attractiveness: Why Photographers are Desirable

The concept of attractiveness is a subjective one that is not easy to define. While physical appearance is a common factor that contributes to one’s attractiveness, it is not the only one, nor is it the most important. In fact, there are numerous factors that can make one person more attractive than another, including personality, confidence, actions, and even vocation. According to a study done on the University of Pennsylvania’s students by professor Scott Barry Kaufman, there is a clear distinction between attractiveness based on which creative vocation a person has. While being a musician tops the list, if you are a professional photographer, you’ll be happy to know that you are standing in the solid 7th position.

So what makes photographers so attractive? Here are five reasons why:

1. They see the beauty in everything.

Photographers are constantly searching for new inspiration, their eyes always looking for that angle, the composition or lighting that will help them snap their next masterpiece. This indubitably transfers into their everyday lives, so even when they do not have their photos in mind, they will be more than inclined to point out the beauty of a particular scene they come across and change their partner’s perspective on things. A lot of people assume that photographers are focused on physical beauty but the really good ones can actually find beauty in anything and everyone! They find beauty in the harshest places and make them look stunning! This is a tremendous talent to have – to change how a person looks at the world.

2. They are creative people

Creativity radiates differently from one artist to another, as well as from one art form to another, but it always leaves a distinct mark on a personality the artist develops. There is simply a distinct approach to life that can attributed to creative souls universally and this is what sets them apart as unique. Photography is a good way to a distinct lifestyle, gives you a peculiar mind-set and to be honest, I don’t think that the lives of two photographers anywhere in the world are generally alike. With a few simple tips you can make your photos look great, but the originality and artistic values of the photos are goals that you really need to be a talented and dedicated professional to reach.

3. They are usually nomads.

As a photographer, you like diversity in your living environment as well as your business environment. There are a few other vocations that would allow you to travel so much as this one. Whether you are a band photographer, sports photographer, fashion photographer, you need to travel. It is simply in your job description. All people who travel a lot and come in contact with different cultures give off that cosmopolitan look and their stories about different cultures are quite enticing. This travel charisma is a big factor in their attractive image.

4. They are independent and free

The majority of photographers are freelancers, who very much have control over what kind of work they do and who they collaborate with. This kind of freedom usually stems from a healthy dose of confidence and also gives people an environment to solidify their trust in themselves. When you are flying solo, you need to be able to manage all the work you do yourself and every mistake you make actually affects your own bottom line. This breeds capable and responsible people who are capable of holding their own in a relationship, which is a much desired trait in a partner.

5. They are always willing to meet new people.

Their line of work includes meeting and working with a lot of different people and they are very much adapted to diverse social environments. Not everyone has the patience for meeting new people and not being able to adapt to somebodies circle of friends can sometimes be a deal breaker for some relationships. The fact that they fit in quite nicely and are generally liked by all gives them an edge. Moreover, these days, everyone wants to have good photos and people are generally a bit more pleasant towards those who can snap a great one on a whim.

As you can see, there are tons of reasons why you might want to consider a professional career in photography. However, it is important to note that it takes years of practice and dedication to develop this craft to a professional level. The lifestyle is great but requires a lot of effort and sacrifices.

Overall, photographers possess numerous desirable traits, from their ability to see beauty in everything, their creativity, their nomadic lifestyle, their independence and freedom, and their willingness to meet new people. Whether you are looking for a partner or just want to improve your own attractiveness, photographers are a great example of what it means to be a desirable person.

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