“Top 12 Must-Read Magazines for a Powerful and Inspirational 20s”

Books are the Therapist of the Past: Magazines for Guidance in your 20s

Self-help books have been known to be the go-to guide for individuals seeking direction in their life or answers to life’s simplest questions. However, in today’s day and age, individuals do not always have the time to sit down and read a book. To stay current and updated on worldly news and everyday life, modern individuals must look to other sources, such as magazines which provide daily lessons and guides on different subjects.

Current Affairs: Newsweek – If you’re looking for news, opinions, and worldwide coverage from a liberal perspective, Newsweek is your go-to magazine. It has been around for over 81 years, and the recent acquisition by IBT Media has made the magazine even stronger. Not only does it have great news coverage, but the covers are also interesting and captivating. The most recent cover featuring Michele Bachmann’s eyes and the 2004 cover of Steve Jobs with the iPod are great examples.

Current Affairs: National Review – If you want to stay updated on current affairs but have a conservative perspective, National Review is your ideal magazine. While Newsweek features op-eds and popular culture aspects, National Review is focused on political stories from a conservative point of view.

Financial Tips: Kiplinger’s – Kiplinger’s provides practical, step-by-step advice on personal finance. The magazine offers tools and tips on how to avoid financial despair, how to make good financial choices, and how to build wealth. The magazine is divided by topic so you can focus on the material that is most relevant to your needs.

Financial Tips: Money Magazine – Money Magazine brings real-life lessons and examples of individuals who made smart financial choices that paid off in the long run. The magazine is a great place to learn practical tips and tricks to save the most money. If Kiplinger’s provides the hard advice, Money Magazine is a great supplement.

Travel: Conde Nast Traveler – For those who want to travel the world but venture off the typical tourist tracks, Conde Nast is the perfect travel magazine. It provides a detailed look at places, behind-the-scenes tips, and more, all tailored to those who want to explore new horizons.

Travel: Travel + Leisure – Unlike Conde Nast, Travel + Leisure focuses more on short-term and weekend vacations. They provide recommendations on interesting places to visit as well as great hotel options and delicious restaurants to try.

Health: Men’s Fitness – Men’s Fitness is not just for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It is an accessible magazine for all men. It covers everything from exercise routines to everyday lifestyle choices. Its articles are geared toward encouraging men to get off their couches, out of the house, and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Health: Shape – Shape is the female version of Men’s Fitness, focusing on fashion, eating right, and staying active, all from a female perspective. It features celebrity interviews to get the latest perspective on a healthy lifestyle.

Men’s Fashion: GQ – While some people might see GQ as catering to a specific group of men, every man can benefit from its fashion and social etiquette tips. They provide great pointers on dressing and socializing in the modern world, especially for those who are in their 20s and new to the work and dating scene.

Women’s Fashion: Vogue – Unlike the teen-fashion magazine, Vogue focuses on tips, fashion advice, and personal narratives for women of all ages and backgrounds. It is not pretentious and is full of useful tips and tricks that every woman can utilize.

Homemaking: Fine Homebuilding – Unlike other homemaking magazines, Fine Homebuilding not only offers tips on making the house look good, but also includes ideas on how to keep the house from falling apart. It offers small tips to make large projects more attainable and is perfect for anyone looking to become the next Bob Vila.

Homemaking: Cook’s Illustrated – Cook’s Illustrated is a kitchen magazine that provides unique and mouth-watering recipes that can be enjoyed by any member of the household, regardless of culinary expertise. These recipes can be used for years to come, making it a keeper in any household.

In conclusion, while books may be the traditional version of self-help and guidance, magazines provide modern individuals with daily lessons and guidance to their everyday life. From current affairs and financial tips to travel recommendations and health advice, these twelve magazines will be your guide as you enter and navigate through your 20s and beyond.

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