Tim Burton Inspired Tattoos You Will Love

Tim Burton is best known for his movie, the film “The Nightmare Before Christmas” However, it’s not just the movies that have made him an icon.

There is a whole world of tattoos based on his work. Most of them are pictures and art from Tim Burton’s popular films. However, there are some that simply feature his name or work title.

Others are more personal and reflect his personal life. This article will cover all of this in detail. It will cover different styles, pictures, and art. It will tell you what you like, where to get it, and who does it best.

Before you head out to get a tattoo, consider if the image or picture is well done. The tattoo should be crisp and clear. If it looks blurry or crooked on the artist’s arm, then that is an indication that it will look like crap on yours, too (unless they’re good).

Try not to get just any Tim Burton art that you find online without doing some research beforehand. There are plenty of websites that have nothing but terrible images of bad or poorly done tattoos.

If you’re going to get a tattoo, make sure you have done your homework and find a reputable tattoo artist. Find someone who has seen hundreds of different tattoos and knows what good work is.

I hope this article helps you choose wisely when it comes to getting a Tim Burton tattoo. I have included some links at the end for you to look at before you splurge for an expensive piece or just order an online print from Amazon. Do some research, be aware of what is out there, and have fun!

If you have ideas for a tattoo that you would like to see on this amazing list, please send them to me in a message. I will try to do it if they are appropriate and they aren’t already done by someone.

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