19+ Fabulous The World Is Yours Tattoo Designs

Tired of the same old boring tattoos and looking for something new and exciting? When you’re getting a tattoo, it’s all about doing something that makes sense for you. Who knows better than you what makes your heart pitter-patter? It’s about honesty and self-expression, after all.

If you like quotes, this one by Rumi is perfect: “The World Is Yours.” This quote means that anything that happens in the world happens as long as it doesn’t happen to me; I’m safe from the repercussions. A tattoo is a way of proving your message of protection and safety to the world. The World Is Yours tattoo has a serious meaning behind it.

The saying “this is what you get when you cross a cat and a human” is one that only looks subtle on paper but is actually quite obvious once you see it inked onto someone’s skin.

Some people have the world as their tattoo, while others choose to leave it in their dreams. It is a tattoo that represents the struggle of living in this world while believing that everything will eventually come to fruition. Regardless of what you believe, someone somewhere has had this tattoo since the beginning of time.

It is said that the world is yours to do with as you wish, but the tattoo says otherwise. Giving him or her the responsibility of “choosing” their future life can be overwhelming, taking away their ability to let go of what is coming. It’s a symbol of showing belief in something without knowing whether it will be successful or not. It shows that no matter what happens in your life, you have the strength inside yourself to believe that you will succeed. From being hesitant about trusting yourself or others to being unsure about what your dreams are, this tattoo is always there for you.

The world is yours tattoo itself has no meaning other than being a piece of art on your body. It can be a symbol of peace or an inspiration to make you feel stronger. It’s really up to you to decide what it means to you.

The phrase itself has been used for thousands of years. Some of the earliest uses of the phrase were written in the Bible. In Corinthians, it says, “the world is yours…” and in Romans, it says, “…I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.” The phrase also appears in some other books, such as Ephesians and a few others, where it directly ties into Greek mythology or philosophy from that era. None of these examples have anything explicit about tattoos, however.

When I was growing up in the early 90s, I used to play in a band called Lifestone. One of the passages that we would perform over and over throughout our career was “The world is yours, don’t let it slip away.” The song was about fighting for what you want in life and how it’s more important than anything else you have. It had a different meaning for me when I had my first tattoo. But now, seeing this phrase being tattooed on people has really stuck with me.

I think this phrase has lost its meaning to people today. It’s not an inspirational piece or encouraging message anymore nor does it have any sort of personal significance to them. It’s just a tattoo that is there for them. I think that is why tattoos are turning into more of an artistic statement nowadays.

When I was working with the tattoo artist, he told me how he always does this one line of text on someone, usually on the wrist. He said it was his most popular tattoo by far. It is usually placed in a spot where people can see it easily but also easily hide it if they want to. The tattoo is non-intrusive and unless you know what it means or why someone would get it, you wouldn’t even think twice about someone having those words permanently on their body…just like the world is yours! Find some fact about tegaderm tatto here!