How Do I Style My Straight Back Feed In Braids?

Forget giving yourself hair cuts and tricky braids; with the straight back feed in braids, your hair can look great without too much fuss. Not only is this technique easier than most other styles, but it is also relatively low-maintenance and natural-looking.

This technique is good for people with fine, thin, or fragile hair as it doesn’t require the hair to be tightly braided or twisted. It is also a good option for those who have experienced thinning due to factors like alopecia or chemotherapy.

The straight back feed in braids style involves using the natural wave pattern of your hair to create a natural-looking braid that is fed back into itself. This technique can be used on its own or combined with other techniques like cornrows, locks, or braiding.

The main thing to remember with this style is that the braid must be fed back into itself, and it must be held in place in such a manner that it can continue to grow.

This is one of the easiest ways to do this.


First, section out the hair at the front and either cut or braid this section so that it lays flat against your head. This will provide a neat finish to the braid.

Next, make a small side part of your hair and secure it with a clip. You will then want to create three to five mini braids along the top of your head, depending on how much hair you want in them. For example, three should be enough for long hair, whereas five is more practical for medium-length hair.

To secure these braids, either use an elastic band or a small piece of dental floss. The purpose is to create a slight bend in the braid so that it can be fed back into itself. It is important that the braids are not too tight and that the bend is held in place by putting pressure on their ends with your fingers.

Once all of your braids are in place, you will then want to begin twisting the sections at the back of your head. If you have enough hair, there is no need to create two separate twists, as one should be enough. However, if you feel that it is necessary, then do so.

Once each section has been twisted, simply braid these together and secure them with an elastic band or a small piece of dental floss.

If you wish to add security to your braid and make it easier to brush, you can also double over the end of the braid and secure it with a hair clip.

Once you have finished braiding all of your hair, simply roll small sections of the braid around elastic bands or some small twists so that it does not stick out from your head when dry. You will then want to either use an elastic band or a small piece of dental floss to secure each section.

How long do straight back braids last?

Braids are an easy hairstyle to do, especially if you’re doing it yourself. And while braids can look amazing in some cases, they can be a very damaging hairstyle if the braid isn’t installed correctly. So how long do straight-back braids last?

The answer is it depends on your hair type and the type of braid you are installing.

5-10 days straight back braids last on most hair types. Straight-back braids have fewer chances of breaking. Thus, they can last longer than other styles.

Less hair means smaller sections to cover, and woven braids are a bit easier to do. As long as you’re consistent with your style and you only braid small sections at a time, your strands won’t break or tear out very easily.

How do you maintain straight back feed in braids?

I thought I’d found a gentle hair diet, but now my hair is thinning. What should I do about my braids?

It’s time to put your newly natural hair diet into practice! The secret is to maintain your treasured braids or cornrows by feeding them from the inside out with fresh and nutritious oils of your own choosing.

You’re likely wondering how to continue your braids just as you have been but in a healthy way. If you want to keep your braids longer, here are some tips and tricks to help you do it:

Keep your hair moisturized. Using natural oils will help the braids stay in and create a barrier that prevents breakage.