30+ Amazing Soccer Tattoos Ideas You’ll Like

The design of a soccer tattoos varies depending on how many people are in the design. If the man has just himself and his son playing, then the design can be as simple as them kicking a ball at each other and exchanging clothes.

If there are more people in the design, like other members of his family and friends, they might be kicking a juggling ball back and forth or kicking their feet up high to hit it with their hands.

If they are a group of soccer fans, they might be kicking a soccer ball in the air in celebration.

There might simply be a soccer ball or two, the number one, the name of their team or city, and nothing else.

Since there is no league system yet, soccer players have no idea what team they are going to play for until about six weeks before the game. Even then, some teams will trade players before the start of each season, depending on who is up for trading and who needs support.

These are the basic ideas for a soccer tattoos design. The designs below will vary in the different people’s suggestions.

Starting with the right side and moving to the left, we have:

1. A picture of a soccer ball. Many players have their own soccer ball that they’ve designed or bought for themselves.

2. The number one with a thumbs up to show that this player is on his or her team’s top eleven list. If no hints are given below, it could mean that he or she is just being nice and not saying who they are from.

3. Their team name is either a large number of small letters. This can be painted, inked, stamped, and even drawn on by hand.

4. The player’s name is in normal print size and with the other 6 letters on the left side of what looks like their jersey number.

5. A picture of where they live if they have one—a street sign and village or city name.

6. A picture of where they are from, if they have one, like a town, state, or country flag.

7. Their favorite drink: beer, clear soda, or water.

8. Their favorite food: pizza, hamburger, or something they want to eat at the game afterward.

9. A picture of the person’s family: wife, husband, son, and daughter.

10. A picture of the person’s favorite mascot: the team’s or no mascot at all. Some players just like to show off their day jobs.

11. A picture of their best friend(s) who they play with a lot or they met while they were playing soccer, however, it happened.

12. The name of their town or city as a whole.

13. A picture of the person holding the soccer ball. It might look like they’re in a team huddle or signaling for someone to pass it to them so that they can kick it for a goal.

14. A picture of the person kicking a ball upward from their knee with the name of his or her team on this leg and other players’ names on their arms.

15. A picture of a soccer ball with the number 11 in the middle. It might be the referee, his or her manager, his or her mother, or even their favorite girl’s name.

16. The year that they were born and/or the year that they started playing soccer or began playing for their team.

17. A picture of a person kicking the ball with the number one in the middle of it. If it doesn’t have any other player’s names, then it could mean that they are on their team’s top eleven list.

18. A soccer ball with a goal outline and the number one in the middle of that with their name draped over the top like a blanket and curled around it like an afghan.

19. Anything else. It could be a picture of themselves playing with one leg lifted high in the air, a picture of their foot hitting the ball and scoring a goal, or even a drawing of a soccer ball hitting them in the face.

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