How Long Does Smedium Knotless Braids Take?

Smedium Knotless Braids is a new concept for people who are looking for a style that is not just about comfort but also about the fit and overall appearance. Joining the ranks of conventional braided styles, this is one that will help you create an original look without any ties or knots that can be found in braiding methods like cornrows, twists, and dreadlocks.

Introduced in the market is a brand-new braiding product called Smear. It was originally made by a company of French origin and should not be confused with another product that has a similar retail name.

The concept is all about eliminating the twisted style of braiding, making it easier for you to put knots or ties onto your hair. Instead, this is a method that uses small sections of hair in order to create attractive and strong patterns.

With this, you do not have to have a lot of hair; instead, you can simply take pieces from different areas of your head for use. All you will need for making this method work is your own hair and some scissors to snip off sections wherever needed. It is also known that this could be used on both the sides or the back of your head.

How to do smedium knotless braids?

Do you want to learn a new skill but don’t have time or money to spend on your “me” time? Braiding is a craft that anyone can do with the instructions below. Here’s how to make the perfect smedium knotless braid in 10 minutes or less.

To begin, take your hair and divide it into three equal sections: top, middle, and bottom. Next, take your bottom section of hair and divide it evenly into two pieces (like splitting an Oreo cookie).

Now, take your top section of hair and divide it evenly into two pieces (like splitting a muffin).

Now, take your middle section of hair and divide it into two pieces (like splitting a crepe).

Now you’re ready for the fun part: Take the second piece of each top, middle and bottom section of hair and twist. You’ll want to go counter-clockwise for this process which is why you start with your left hand.

Next, take the first piece of each top, middle and bottom section of hair and twist.

Now it’s just a matter of crossing one over the other. In order to do this, take your right hand and cup it around your left wrist (to keep from smudging). Then take your left hand and hold onto the twist created by your right hand. Pull back on both sections until you see a pattern emerge.

Once you do, slide your left hand up the twist and place it in front of your right hand. To keep from getting stuck in the braid, take your right hand and place it behind the twist that’s on top of your left hand.

Now let go of everything with your right hand and grab onto the middle section of hair. Using a little bit of oomph, take all three pieces of hair and pull them through that hole you created by crossing one twist over another.

How long does Smedium knotless take?

The average time it takes to do a knotless Smedium is one and a half minutes.

Many people ask themselves how long it takes to do a knotless Smedium. In the most recent survey, The Knotty Project found that the average amount of time spent on this task was 1:48 minutes.

Which are better small or medium knotless braids?

This is a very important question for every black woman to ask because braids are a must-have accessory. You can now buy small or medium knotless braids, which will help you out in everyday life.

All the braiding styles and textures that you could ever want are available. Small knots are good for busy women who are always on the move, while medium knots give you a more polished look.

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