“Shocking: 1 in 5 People Have Hearing Loss Without Realizing It – Are You One of Them?”

If You Do These 6 Things You May Need to Visit an Audiologist: Signs of Hearing Loss

Living in a world where noise is a constant, it’s easy to overlook the impact it can have on our hearing. From attending concerts to using Bluetooth earpieces and wearing earbuds, we are constantly putting our health at risk without even knowing it. While many people cope with hearing loss unknowingly, there are some signs that indicate the need to get their hearing checked by an Audiologist.

Signs that You Need to Visit an Audiologist:
If you relate to the following signs, it’s time to consider visiting an Audiologist for a hearing test:

1. People complain that you have things turned up too loud
Do you constantly have to turn up the volume on the radio, television, or your laptop? Or ask others to turn up the volume? If people regularly ask you to turn down the volume, it’s a sign that you may have hearing loss.

2. Asking people to repeat what they say
If you commonly use the phrases “What did you say?” or “Huh?”, it may be an indication of hearing loss. Those with middle tone loss often have difficulty hearing what an average adult says to them, even at close range.

3. Changing rooms during a conversation
Do you often say, “I can’t hear you, can you come in here please?” Or “Wait a minute, I will be right there”? If you require others to be in the same room as you to carry out a conversation, you may have hearing loss.

4. Not hearing what others are saying correctly
If you often hear the phrase, “I didn’t say that!”, or if you misinterpret words regularly, it’s an indication that you need to get your hearing checked.

5. Sitting in one specific area in large meeting places
Do you prefer to sit in the front-left of any meeting, in church, or when you are in class? This is a common trait of those with hearing loss who want to sit with their stronger ear toward the speaker.

6. Watching people’s mouths
Do you watch people’s mouths to read their lips, even if your hearing loss is mild? Those with hearing loss do this to “hear” what the person is saying correctly.

Hearing loss is a common problem, and it’s never too late to get it diagnosed and treated. If you relate to any of these signs and symptoms, it’s time to consider visiting an Audiologist for a hearing test. Coping strategies will not solve your hearing loss, so don’t ignore the signs. By being proactive, you can take control of your health and protect your hearing for years to come.

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