17+ Epic Shin Tattoos Design You’ll Love

Before deciding on the shin tattoo design you like, make sure to do some research, find out what is in or not in fashion for this time of year. And if you are not sure how to make your decision, ask around and see what people recommend. Shin tattoos are a great way to decorate the lower leg by adding a unique touch to your style.

It’s also a good idea to consider the location on the leg where you want it done because there is an area that is more sensitive than others. The shin tattoo ideas in this article are meant for the lower leg because most women typically place them there.

From the list of shin tattoo ideas for women below you can choose a colorful one with flowers or something more simple, like small stars and hearts.

1. Small stars and hearts:

The image of small stars and hearts are popular especially among women that like to display tiny tattoos on their legs. This idea can be done in black or in bright colors or with just one or two colors. These shin tattoo ideas are very easy to draw so they suit even those who have never placed any tattoos on their bodies before.

2. Black or only one color:

Another way to make your shin tattoo ideas really small but beautiful is to choose a pattern that is black or only one color. You can use a brush and draw stars, hearts, or texts like “love” or “peace”. These simple shin tattoo ideas are elegant and will look good even if you wear high heels or sandals in the summertime. The text on the photo below is written in black, with other colors added for decoration only.

3. Geometric shapes:

Geometric shapes like circles and triangles are a good idea for those that want to decorate their lower legs with a very simple tattoo. You can use black or a couple of colors to make them look more interesting without much effort. Those that have several tattoos on their bodies may feel comfortable with this shin tattoo idea because it’s small, and it can be placed in any pattern on the leg, but only if you pick out the right spot, of course.

4. Flowers:

There are many flowers to choose from, so you can choose the right one for your personality and physical characteristics. If you like flowers and have a fair complexion, you could go for roses, lilies or tulips. Roses are considered the most beautiful flower in the world so it is best for those that want to set themselves apart from everyone else.

5. Arrows:

Arrows are a unique way to draw a shin tattoo ideas and they can be used with any style. You can add as many arrows as you want, even if you only want a few, and place them anywhere you like on your skin. If you are like many women who have some tattoos already, this is an ideal idea for people who will use the arrow to create other tattoos in the future.

6. Skulls:

There are many skull shin tattoo ideas, but most women pick something more elegant like a skull that is written in black or in a few colors and contains flowers or feathers. These drawings can be paired with other drawings of geometrical shapes or stars, depending on your preferences. If you like this idea, you can add some colors to make it look more interesting and complicated. The skulls in the picture below have a black background that is decorated with orange, pink and green.

7. Roses:

If you are more of a girly type and also want to look great then this is a good option for you. Roses are very elegant, and they can be used alone or in combination with other shin tattoo ideas. They look great on most legs and people will notice them immediately because they are particularly attractive.

8. Beautiful flowers:

There are many types of flowers that look great on the lower leg. Flowers like roses, daisies and hyacinths are very popular because they match almost any style. These shin tattoo ideas can be used with different other flower tattoos if you prefer to make a hybrid combination.

Here are some of the most popular shin tattoos ideas:

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