“Say Goodbye to Love Handles: 5 Proven Tips You Need to Try Today!”

Kicking Love Handles to the Curb: 5 Killer Exercises to Try Today

Love handles are a source of frustration for many people, as the fat that tends to accumulate around your midsection can be stubborn to lose. It’s essential to note that excess body fat tends to store in specific areas, making some areas harder to lose than others. As such, love handles can be a problem area for many people, often proving troublesome when trying to fit into those skinny jeans. Thankfully, eliminating love handles can be accomplished with the right techniques.

Before diving into the exercises that can help you battle the bulge around your waistline, it’s crucial to understand why love handles seem to be so stubborn in the first place. Love handles are harder to lose for many because they tend to store excess body fat in this area, making it the last place that fat is lost. However, with the right techniques, you can overcome this challenge and work towards your goal of eliminating love handles for good.

One of the crucial steps towards eliminating love handles is to maintain a proper diet. A good diet is essential in burning fat as it determines whether you are in calorie balance or a calorie deficit. To burn fat, a calorie deficit is required, which is most easily achieved through dietary means. Therefore, a proper diet must be the starting point in your quest to eliminate love handles.

After ensuring that your diet is on-point, adding smart exercises to your routine can also help eliminate those love handles. Here are five killer exercises that can help you fight the flab around your midsection:

1. Lunge with a Twist

Start by incorporating the lunge with a twist into your routine. This exercise involves performing a lunge while twisting your torso. The added twist will get your oblique muscles contracting hard. This move will aid in firming and toning your midsection and has added benefits when done with a medicine ball for resistance.

2. Supermans with a Twist

Supermans with a twist is another effective exercise to add to your routine. This exercise involves performing the superman exercise, which works to strengthen the muscles running up and down your spinal column while adding a twist. The twist helps stimulate the love handle region, making it a well-rounded exercise for your midsection.

3. Renegade Row

Another exercise to target your midsection and lower back is the renegade row. This move involves balancing on your hands and toes in a plank-like position while alternating rowing each arm. This exercise engages all core muscles while hitting the lower back muscles, thus providing a double-whammy of benefits.

4. Single Leg Split Squats

The single-leg split squat is an excellent exercise that primarily targets the glutes and backside but also works the core muscles. To execute this move properly, lean back slightly, emphasizing the glute muscle and engaging the core. Using a barbell across your back can place additional emphasis on the glutes, making it a more advanced move.

5. Prone Ball Roll-In to the Side

The prone ball roll-in to the side is an exercise that moves you into a prone position and employs a stability ball. This exercise targets your obliques and is excellent for adding variety to your core exercises. As you pull the ball into each side, alternate and make sure to keep your abs tight to maintain proper form.

Incorporating these five exercises into your workout routine can help eliminate those love handles. With a proper diet and consistent exercise program, you can see noticeable improvements in your overall muscular strength and fitness. So, what are you waiting for? Start incorporating these exercises into your routine today and work towards saying farewell to those stubborn love handles for good!

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