Revamp Your Home: 3 Cutting-Edge Technologies to Transform Your Space

Embrace a Smart Home with These 3 Hi-tech Technologies

With the advent of technology, homeowners have entered a brave new world where they no longer need to worry about the security of their assets and lives. In today’s world, smart home technologies have made it possible for homeowners to be at ease, whether they are away on vacation or relaxing in their homes. Thanks to technology, they can feel safe and not lose sleep over the security of their loved ones and valuables that they possess. This article will discuss three hi-tech technologies that homeowners can use to make their homes smart and contemporary.

1. SpotCam

One of the most innovative technologies homeowners can use is the SpotCam, which helps homeowners keep an eye on their loved ones, assets, and pets from afar. Thanks to the SpotCam, they no longer need to be tethered to their computer to monitor their homes’ security. With this breakthrough technology, homeowners can now view live videos on their smartphones and other smart devices, as long as they have access to the internet.

The SpotCam comes with a free cloud recording system that doesn’t need any complicated setup, making it easy for homeowners to get started. By connecting the SpotCam to Wi-Fi and creating an account on, homeowners can use multiple devices, from their mobile phones to tablets and laptops or desktops, to watch videos from their homes in real-time.

SpotCam’s night vision mode, equipped with 12x IR LED light, ensures homeowners can still see professional images, even in low light conditions. Homeowners can also opt for the NVR plan to store videos and review the footage later. With the SpotCam, homeowners get up to 30 days to view footage from the event day. Best of all, they won’t need a server to use the SpotCam.

2. Doorbot + Lockitron

The Doorbot design aims to make homeowners’ lives easier with a smart door lock that they can control wirelessly from anywhere, provided they have an internet connection. With the Doorbot, homeowners can easily see who’s at the door, talk to them, and then unlock the door from remote locations.

The Doorbot’s design works seamlessly with Lockitron, an IOS-compatible system that homeowners can use to open the door for strangers, even when they are not at home. When somebody rings the doorbell, homeowners can see who’s at the door through the camera and talk to them remotely. Once they certify the visitor, they can use the DoorBot app’s Lockitron switch to unlock the door quickly and easily. To make this system work smoothly, all homeowners need is their smartphone and access to an internet connection.

Though this design is still in its idea phase, it requires funding of $250,000, some portion of which has already been raised.

3. NuBryte

The NuBryte is a smart home console by Lucis that can automate homeowners’ security and lighting capabilities. It also provides updated weather alerts and reports, as well as a calendar with notifications to help homeowners manage their entire families’ schedules. NuBryte’s monthly and daily energy reports encourage homeowners to make smarter energy choices and take note of their savings when their next energy bill arrives.

With NuBryte’s intercom feature, yelling the kids to get ready for school or notify everyone that dinner is ready to serve is no longer necessary. The intercom feature allows homeowners to manage a host of household needs, right from their home security and lighting to energy management and much more.

NuBryte’s open API also allows for additional customization and flexibility, and homeowners won’t need any special equipment or upgraded bulbs to link up to the NuBryte console. Despite the slightly steeper price tag than a traditional dimmer switch, the NuBryte’s features and convenience to daily life may justify the cost. In fact, some even claim that NuBryte’s subscription-free home protection features could help homeowners save thousands of dollars in service charges every year.


Smart homes are quickly becoming the new norm. With SpotCam, Doorbot + Lockitron, and NuBryte, homeowners can protect their assets, loved ones, and even manage mundane household tasks through smart home technologies. These three technologies eliminate complications and worries when homeowners are away on vacation or relaxing in their homes. By embracing contemporary technology and smart home systems, homeowners can be at ease, knowing their homes are safe and secure.

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