21+ Pretty Red Nails With Diamonds Ideas

Diamonds are the most expensive gemstone in the world. They are also very popular in jewelry and make people feel special. Now you can show off your love for diamonds with a set of red nails with diamonds during any time of year!

Some individuals also have a fascination for this type of nail design because it is stylish and different from what others have on.

The diamonds will shine out in all their glory.

You can add a little bling to your nails with a red nail polish and some diamond studs!

Designing Your Nail Art Idea This way is simple and easy, but it is also very versatile. It just depends on how you paint your nails and what kind of tips you choose. You can have diamonds on every tip or you can have a few diamonds touching each other.

Painting Your Nails Red First, you’ll want to paint your nails either a dark maroon or cherry red. You can also use a white color when you are doing this so that it will be easy to see the dots on your red nails.

Painting the Diamonds White Next, you need to choose a good shiny white polish. The best way to do this is by testing it out on a paper plate. You need to make sure that it is a good white color, this way the diamonds will stand out.

Painting the Diamonds Black Next, you’ll have to paint over the diamonds with some black nail polish. This needs to be done after the white nail polish is completely dry. If you don’t do it right then, all of your hard work can go down the drain. You can use a gel eyeliner and put it over the white nail polish.

Once you have done these steps, you will be ready to have red nails with diamonds. You can add some little rhinestones into the design if you like and add some more swanky!

Also, make sure that your nail polish is completely dry before you start on the next part of the design. The nail polish might also smudge if it is not fully dry.

You can find any red polish or you can find some cheap rhinestones at a local store.

Choose a good white color that is bright and shiny. You can also use some gel eyeliner to make sure that the colors are totally opaque. You will have to paint the white diamonds with some black nail polish if you want to make them really stand out.

Red Nails with diamonds and Glitter

Red nails are known for their bold look, yet black is a basic color. Add a little shine with these gems! This is an easy and affordable way to give your nails an elegant touch. Glitter will make your manicure stand out and you can always change the color of the glitter by mixing in light hues like pink or turquoise.

Red nails with diamonds coffin
I’m going to talk about how you can have a red nail polish with diamonds coffin so you can still enjoy your favorite color even with the death of your beloved.

In recent funeral practices, there has been a resurgence of requests for traditional, elitist coffins. The most popular being the all-gold coffin.
So a lot a lot of people are getting their nails done in red with diamonds on them and it’s really cool because they won’t have to change that routine. I mean, not everyone has to be dead to get a red nail polish with diamonds coffin.

Diamonds are known for creating a lot of attention so even if you’re not dead the people will still be looking at your nails. At least you’ll have something to talk about!

So it’s kind of like having a diamond studded necklace or bracelet, but in addition to that it also serves as decoration so even if you’re not dead your nails will still look nice and it doesn’t have to be all gold. Check also this wonderful achilles tattoo ideas!

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