30+ Magical Rainbow Box Braids Ideas

What are Rainbow box braids?

Rainbow Box Braids are a hippie style braid that is created by using three colors of hair on one person’s head and, at the same time, making a heart shape. This hairstyle goes well with long hair because it can be easily wrapped up into a bun or side braid over one shoulder.

Rainbow box braids are an extremely fun and bold way to add some fun colors to your hair. If you’re interested, here is a tutorial on how to do them.

Have you been thinking about the rainbow box braid for a while now? If so, then I am telling you that it’s time for your hair transformation! Introducing the rainbow box braid tutorial.

The rainbow box braid is a variation of the box braid and is basically two colors (or colors) woven together to form a beautiful rainbow. Your hair will be popping, and your personality will be shining.

Let’s get started with the basics of this wonderful technique.

What You’ll Need: [hair type and texture]:
-Hair that has been washed but not dried. If your hair is dry, you can use a conditioner instead of water to wet your hair.
-A stretchy elastic (also called an elastics or ponytail holders)
-A hairbrush
-A rat-tail comb
-Heat Protectant

How to Do Rainbow Box Braids:

Tying threading the Braid:
You will need to start with two separate braids. This is the most important step of the tutorial. If your hair is short, you may want to consider getting it layered so that it’s easier to tie the braids.

Step 1: Start with a tight ponytail. If you are tying hair that is too long for your head, then simply divide your ponytail into two sections.
Step 2: Using the rat tail comb, pick two colors of hair (I’d recommend having one from each side). It is important that each color is of similar lengths; otherwise, you may find yourself having to cut them in an awkward manner.
Step 3: Divide each section into two smaller sections.
Step 4: Take one colored section and cross it over the other section.
Step 5: Continue to crossover the colors until you have completed one Braid. You will have three strands in the front of your hair.
Step 6: While repeating the same process with another colored section, tie the new Braid around all three strands from the first Braid.
Step 7: Continue tying braids around all strands.
Step 8: Secure the last strand by bringing it back to the top of your head and tying it to the first strand.
Step 9: Repeat this process with another two colors.

Finishing Up: curling It and ADDING BANGS
Step 1: After you have braided your hair, take some curling wand on a medium setting and curl each strand of hair. We do this to make the colors look more vibrant.
Step 2: When you have finished curling, take your elastic. Tie a strand of hair around the elastic. Be sure to keep the ends even and flat so that the Braid is tight.
Step 3: Take your curlers and comb them through your hair, securing the strands of hair that are in front of your ear and using them to secure them at the side of your face.
Step 4: Run the other end of your elastic through the Braid to secure it in place.

Finishing Up: trimming and SECURING IT with a Closure
Step 1: Trim your hair so that the length is just above your ear.
Step 2: Divide the strands into two sections, then tie them in a knot at the three o’clock position.
Step 3: Cut the knot off at the top of your ear.
Step 4: Use a weave closure to secure your hair.
You can also use bobby pins and a tail comb for extra security.

So there you have it, how to do rainbow box braids! These are sure to turn some heads and will make you stand out from the rest.


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