10+ Purple French Tip Nails Ideas

Purple french tip nails – According to the nail industry, a french manicure is accomplished by painting nails in a shade of purple that is between lavender and lilac. Purple colors are often associated with royalty and other high society figures because of their rarity. As far back as 1855, it was said that Queen Victoria wore purple fingernails during her coronation day.

Purple French Tip Nail Ideas:

1. The Basic Purple French Tip Nails. If you’re looking for something conservative but still elegant, this is your best bet. The only thing that makes it different from a normal French manicure is the use of purple polish in place of white or clear. This look adds both drama and funk to your nail design, and is perfect for someone that wants something eye-catching but still elegant.

2. Matching Nails with Jewelry. The next time you wear a piece of jewelry, especially if it’s purple, match your nails to it by painting them the same color. Make sure to use either purple polish or a nude color if you don’t want the two to clash and overwhelm each other. This look is very modern and is perfect for anyone that wants to dress up but also be comfortable.

3. Going Black and Purple. If you’re looking for something more classic, but still let your personality shine through, this is your perfect match. For the color of purple, choose a shade that matches the blue in your eyes or matches something in your wardrobe such as a scarf or other accessory that you wear often. Most people don’t think of black and purple as being related to each other, but they should be used together to add some edge to any fashionista’s wardrobe.

4. Bright Purple Accents. This look is for someone that wants to really stand out in the crowd. By using the traditional french manicure technique, but making your nails lighter than normal, you can add some nice pops of color to any outfit while still creating something that is very classy and elegant. This look is a great idea if you’re going to a gala or a similar event where a lot of attention will be on you and it’s important that you don’t look too flashy or too modern.

Purple French Tip Nail Designs Ideas:

1. The Classic French Manicure with Black Accent Tips. If you’re looking for something that is both modern and stylish but can still stand out in a traditional setting, this is the french manicure for you. The black tips in the french manicure are tipped with white, creating a very sharp contrast. This look is perfect for someone that wants to be different without being too flashy or overbearing. It’s also great if you want to add some pop to an outfit that isn’t too dressy.

2. The Reverse French Manicure with Tips. If you’re looking for something more daring, try painting your nails black all over including the tip of your nails and then painting them white on the very tip, leaving nothing but black showing anywhere else. This is a more edgy approach that may not be appropriate for everyday wear, but is perfect for someone that wants to stand out.

3. The French Manicure with Purple Accents. This look is perfect if you’re looking for something that can go with anything. The purple accent nails are still very polished and refined, using the lavender shade of polish throughout the length of your nails. This look would also work great on any occasion where you want to dress up but are looking for something more casual at the same time.

4. The French Manicure with Pink Accent Tips. The pink accents on this manicure have a dark shade of purple painted underneath, giving you a very funky and edgy look. This look is great for someone that wants something modern and fun, but still wants to keep it classy at the same time. This can be hard to do with this style of french manicure, but it’s pulled off very well here. if you like a rainbow, then you should try these rainbow french tip nails ideas

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