10+ Latest Nipsey Hussle Braids for Men

Nipsey Hussle braids become popular every few years. Everyone loves them because they’re not just an everyday hairstyle; they’re trendy and cool.  Nipsey Hussle is the most recent rapper to express love for braids. However, his sleek afro lends itself to different variations of hair weaves that might be easier for beginners than traditional braids.

Nipsey Hussle has afro hair. As an Afro-American, he’s been fighting against Eurocentric beauty standards and working hard to get his own look out there. Still, many find it very challenging to figure out how to style their curly hair the way he does. Don’t miss this awesome jumbo knotless braids with beads ideas.

How do you do Nipsey braids?

If you have a similar challenge and want to do what Nipsey did, here is the guide for you. I’m going to share his hairstyle tips with you.

1. Before getting ready, be sure to wash your hair at least once. Dry-shampoo is a must!

2. Use deep conditioner, leave it on for around 30 minutes, then rinse and proceed with braiding your hair

3. Be sure to have a pair of thick gloves on to hold your braids in place as you twist them (especially the ends)

4. Apply gel for the best effect when it gets cold out

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