50+ Awesome Mushroom Tattoos Design Ideas

Tattoos are an individual’s personal choice, and there is no real standard for what tattoos a person can get. There is a wide range of designs that people can choose from when deciding on their tattoo, the most common being facial tattoos, tribal arm tattoos, and back tattoos.

But did you know that not all face tats are created equals? Get inked with this list of some of the best mushroom face tattoo designs out there! These spooky yet attractive faces will definitely be no match for your wardrobe neutrals.

Mushroom tattoo meaning

Mushroom tattoos are more of a tattoo for someone who is more of a fan of the arts and into the funky and weird. A mushroom tattoo has no literal meaning but can represent things such as:

– The mushrooms mushrooms–many people get these because they’re fungi, and it represents things such as decay, rot, and decomposition.

– The more common “mushroom world” a person lives in (such as the way we walk around in a mushroom-shaped world).

– The idea of “fungus” or corruption and decay. There are also those that think it represents the fact that mushrooms have no heads or limbs; it’s only what holds them together. (I.e., a person has a head and arms, but really it’s how they interact with the world that matters.)

– The different stages of life (see: metamorphosis) or levels of consciousness in some eastern philosophies.

– In modern culture, the “magic” or “psychedelic effects” that mushrooms have. Some people use them to feel an altered state of mind to get them out of their everyday mundane lives.

– As the song goes, “The Mushroom River.” There are a lot of songs that are based on the story or concept of “Alice In Wonderland.”

– As children play, they pretend to be different people or things in their imagination. A mushroom or fungus can represent that.

– Most mushrooms are entirely white (the cap and stem). This can represent purity or innocence, a person who is still going through their innocent stage of life.

Simple Mushroom tattoos

Many people find that tattoos can be a huge personal statement of who they are and what they love. Some people choose to incorporate their favorite animals, plants, or other things into their ink. But sometimes, the simpler things are the most beautiful and meaningful.

There is a unique type of tattoo called a “human mushroom” that is more often used in Asia than elsewhere around the world. It’s simple in design but holds incredible meaning and value for those who choose to get it done.