How To Mixed Brown and Blonde Box Braids?

How to create an intricate mixed brown and blonde box braids?

Even if you don’t know what to do with your hair, this style is worth trying out since it’s so simple to make! Batting lashes is optional.

If you are unfamiliar with box braids, they’re simply braided hairstyles that are left out from underneath one’s head. They’re very popular in the United States, particularly amongst young black women (more commonly known as ‘bantu knots’). Box braids can be done with hair that is straight or curly. Today, though, I will show you how to do a mixed brown and blonde braid. The reason I suggest doing this one is that it is so simple to create.

Box braids tend to be darker than the natural hair color, but there are a couple ways you can adjust this so that your bristle will still stand out from your roots. First, you can use a hair color that’s a little lighter than your natural shade. Second, to really bring out the best in box braids, you can use hair cream or gel before you start braiding. This will help your roots blend into the rest of the braid for a more natural effect.

If you’re blonde or have very light hair, you can get creative and choose a color that’s closer to your natural color. While it’s easier to create lighter shades with dye, there are some hair products that you can use if this is what you are going for. Take some caramel ribbons or even highlight cream and gently pull it through your hair prior to braiding.

To begin, section your hair into three parts. You will have a top or crown section (the section of hair on top of your head), the middle, and the bottom. For this style, I suggest braiding from the middle of your locks outward first to create a foundation for any color changes. If you want to tie it off at the bottom, you can definitely do that for an entirely different look.

On the bottom section of hair, come up a little higher than where you braided. At this point, you can choose to either just tie a square knot or get creative and do something special. You can leave out the middle pieces entirely if you wish, and then just wrap your hair around the top section. Make sure that all of your sections are even before you start braiding, though. Wrap your hair around several times, and then carefully pin each section in place with pins to keep it in place so that you don’t get any uneven layers along the way.

Once you’ve finished the bottom section, go back to your middle section. Using a very strong hold hairspray, ensure that your hair will stay in place as you make steps. It is also very essential to make sure that each section is even so that you don’t have any bumps later on. If you have a rat tail comb, this will help you to get the evenness and still keep your sections together.

Once you’ve completed the middle section, go back to the top and finish it off. If you choose to go with a more natural look, then simply wrap your hair around you can adjust the strands as they come to try to be neat and even in appearance. Once you have finished, then switch to a tail comb or fine tooth combs and pin your hair in place so that it won’t move around while styling or even while wearing the style. Once you have pinned your hair in place, then you are done!

While box braids don’t have to be created in an intricate style, they can be. If you want to add some extra flair, then feel free to do so once you’ve completed your look and let it dry. Even if you don’t know what to do with your hair, box braids will help you come up with a creative solution that is sure to turn heads.

You can use hair crème or even hair gel to change the color of your braids. If you are not a fan of box braids, then you can also do them with your natural hair. In this video, she shows how to achieve the look in about five minutes! You can also create simple box braids without having to focus on the color of your hair. This will give you a tester run on how long it’ll take to finish your look and how much time you’ll need for a final result.

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