17+ Meaningful Hood Tattoos for Men

meaningful hood tattoos

Meaningful hood tattoos are an emerging trend in today’s world. Even though hood tattoos can be done for many reasons, the most popular one is to show unity within the gang or group. With so many ways to classify a tattoo as being “hood” it’s hard to pin point one definitive meaning of what the tattoo stands for. This list will take you through some of the best hood tattoos that are currently trending now!

The influence of hip-hop culture has turned tattoos into an art form, spreading across social classes and age groups. Even though tattoos were a sign of rebellion at one point, they are now increasingly becoming an accepted part of our culture. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna have gone through the process to get their own tattoos. This makes us question if hood tattoos should also be accepted as part of a body art.

So, what makes a tattoo hood? To be considered “hood” it should either represent the gangsta lifestyle or involve gang activity. This is why the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word hood tattoo is the 60’s and 70’s funk and rock music. This is a popular choice for hood tattoos, as it’s one of the original “gangsta” looks.

As for gang activity, this can either be in prison or recently released from jail. If you’ve recently been released from jail you may have an image that portrays this such as a prison tattoo on your arm or ankle with a tag name and number.

A meaningful hood tattoo is an idea that may not have been perfectly planned out before its creation. Sometimes, they can be deeply personal, with the artist’s mother or sister being a part of the art tradition. It is different from traditional tattoos that are done delicately over time and are intended to last forever. These tattoos happen unexpectedly and often times unintentionally during a moment in which the artist has been struck by whatever feeling has taken them: anxiety, inspiration, passion for life.

Throughout the process, whether it be one day or several years, the artist becomes emotional, and every piece of work that is added to his or her body is a meaningful representation of who he or she has become. This is what makes a tattoo meaningful; its connection to real experience and emotion. The feeling behind the design leads to an artistic masterpiece on a person’s body. It is this unique passion that makes each tattoo beautiful in its own way.

There are many possibilities for what a meaningful hood tattoo can symbolize. It’s up to you to decide which meaning resonates the most and brings the most joy. Take your time, explore your options, and allow yourself to experiment with different images and symbols so that you can find one that is truly fitting for you.

If you need any ideas or inspiration, we have compiled 17+ meaningful hood tattoos below! We hope these ideas help in some way! Great time heals all wounds tattoo ideas worth your time!

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