Master These 9 Web Developer Hacks and Secure Your Dream Job Today!

9 Hacks That Will Help You Land a Job as a Web Developer

Job hunting can be an exhilarating and terrifying experience in equal measure. As an aspiring web developer, keeping up with the latest industry trends is crucial to maintaining an updated and employable resume. The good news is that the web development job market has a high employment rate currently, and it is set to grow by 27% between 2014 and 2024, much faster than the average profession. However, to secure the most rewarding positions from the best companies, you need to stand out and show that you are better than the rest. Here are nine hacks that can help you do just that.

1. Help Out with an Open-Source Project

Becoming a web developer requires a lifelong dedication to learning. Contributing to open-source projects not only sharpens your skills but also enables you to work with other developers. Explore Github to find a range of options, from personal to large-scale projects by established companies. Regardless of your choice, it is excellent to show potential employers that you have accomplished something productive with your skills.

2. Participate in GitHub

You can use GitHub to post your code and receive input from other developers. It is a simple way of showcasing your capabilities and leveraging the knowledge of the online community to improve your skills.

3. Build a Professional LinkedIn Account

Having a well-optimized LinkedIn account is essential for future professionals. Ensure your profile is free of grammatical and spelling errors, keep up to date with LinkedIn’s latest features, highlight your featured skills, and share your latest accomplishments.

4. Set Up an Online Web Design Portfolio

Showcasing your web development skills requires demonstrating them through your online web development portfolio. A content management system (CMS), like WordPress, can help you build your portfolio site within a few hours. Check out examples from Creative Bloq for inspiration.

5. Do Freelance Work

Freelance work is an excellent way to fill your online portfolio while earning money on the side. It allows you to learn new skills along the way. Check out freelancing marketplaces like Upwork and Freelancer for opportunities to bid for selected projects.

6. Attend Real-Life Meet-Ups

Expanding your network and getting acquainted with other people in the industry is crucial to gain a foothold as a web developer. Browse thousands of meet-ups worldwide using services like to identify and attend these events. You might meet future co-workers or employers at one of these gatherings.

7. Identify the In-Demand Skills

The in-demand skills in the tech industry change over time, and as a developer, you must have a relevant skill set to be considered employable. Check out online job listings for the specific skills that companies are looking for in prospective employees. Popular job search platforms include Indeed and Craigslist, apart from Upwork and Freelancer.

8. Seek Online Certification

Online certification programs can help improve your employability and diversify your skill set. Check for available certification programs through Google, focusing on specific skills such as PHP 7, autocomplete systems, virtual cloud servers, and AngularJS 2.0. A live mentoring platform like Zeolearn offers better learning and ample job-readiness by the end of the online course.

9. Tune In to the Industry News

More than just proficiency in relevant skills, keeping yourself updated with industry news equips you with meaningful conversation points with peers and interviewers. Check out industry-related articles from resources like Lifehacker, which has its own section devoted to web design and development.

Final Words

If you feel ready for your first job interview, you likely are. To continue, scour online job listings, learn more about specific roles, and impress interviewers by how much you know. Use job-hunting resources such as this list to help you in your first job search.

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