20+ Awesome Kratos Tattoos Ideas For Men

If you want to live your life as a legend, then why not tattoo yourself with one? What started as an idea from the Ancient Greeks has now become a worldwide trend; moreover, it’s reached such popularity that there is now an International Day of Tattoos. One of the most popular tattoos to be etched into the skin these days is the god Kratos from God of War.

Kratos is best known for his blind savage rage, gripping a pair of blades with promises to kill anyone he sees. Kratos’s aggression and thirst for vengeance, coupled with his iconic tattoos, are among the reasons why he has so many fans. These fans flock to New York City to get a tattoo just like Kratos’s because they want their bodies to say “I Am A Warrior” in the same way as Kratos says it through his tattoos.

According to the International Day of Tattoos, even if you don’t want a tattoo, you can get Kratos tatted on your body anyway because it’s a trend and not just for God of War fans. You can also get any other god tattooed on you, though; sometimes people just want a reminder of their religion, but sometimes they actually believe these deities are real! Hence the reason why Kratos has such an enormous fanbase.

Many people think that Kratos’s tattoos have to be real because if they weren’t, who would want to get a tattoo that looks so painful? Although, with today’s technological advances, getting a fake tattoo isn’t too hard. There are even special tattoo ink guns, which make it easier to apply real tattoos on yourself.

The most common god to be tattooed is Kratos, but the most popular god overall to get tattoos is Thor. As well as getting Kratos and Thor tattoos, people have gotten many other kinds of tattoos, such as a symbol for their personality or their favorite food.

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