10+ Standout Jhene Aiko Braids Style You Need To Try

What are the Jhene Aiko braids called? The Jhene Aiko braids are a type of hairstyle created by the American singer, songwriter, actress, and dancer Jhene Aiko.

The exact origin of this style is unknown, but it has been popular among various African-American girls for years. It is typically made up of two braided pigtails that are then intertwined with each other and pinned together at the nape of the neck. The style can be created with box braids, cornrows, or just regular hair.

The Jhene Aiko braids are a common hairstyle worn by African-American girls. It is often made up of two cornrows that are intertwined with each other and pinned together at the back of the head.

Although the style is usually considered “natural” because it does not require hair extensions, this style can also be created using synthetic strands for added length and volume. This style is often worn with natural hair and is often worn down or in a side ponytail. It can also be worn up, pinned back, or as part of a high bun.

People who wear the Jhene Aiko braids tend to have thick hair and generally go for a look that is “on trend” and stylish. The style can be worn by people who have a variety of hair textures. Other variations of the Jhene Aiko braids include the hair flip, which adds an additional cornrow to the top of the braid. Check this stunning layer braids ideas.

How do you do Jhene Aiko braids?

Jhene Aiko is a talented and versatile singer-songwriter and actress with over 11 million streams on Spotify. With only 3 followers on Instagram, you’d think her hairstyle would be a mystery to everyone. But… not to us.

We were able to track down a photo of her with the same braids and have taken it upon ourselves to replicate them. If you, too, want these braids and don’t know how to do them, follow our instructions closely.

1. Gather your hair up in a ponytail or high bun if you’re going for the full look, or just a low ponytail if you’re making it more casual.

2. Roll it into a tight ball and secure it with a hair tie or bobby pin. This braids the hair while making it easier to make.

3. Split your hair down the middle, bunching the right side and draping it over the braid, leaving the rest of your puffball all over your head (or you can do it both ways).

4. Split the bun you just made down the middle again, and do a thin braid on top of your puffball hair.

5. Keep repeating this step until you run out of puffball hair. (You can leave some hair out in between steps depending on how big/small/puffy your puffball is.)

6. Once all that’s left of your puffball is a few smaller ponytails, secure them with another pin downwards to make the rest of the braid look nice and thick.

7. Tuck any stray hairs in the braid.

8. Once you’re happy with the look, grab a hair elastic and tie it all up.

9. Enjoy your braid! You can finish the look off by using a few bobby pins to secure it if you’re worried about it falling out.

What kind of hair does Jhene Aiko use?

The singer Jhene Aiko, who has beautiful long hair she constantly plays with, has never revealed what kind of products she uses to maintain her luscious locks. Still, there are plenty of hints that give us a good idea. Her hairstylist, Big Chuck Player Jr., told KJZZ News that “she will do anything and everything to protect her hair.”

She’s also been seen sporting extensions, which could mean that she doesn’t need as much conditioning as other women might. But as it turns out, she is still taking good care of her hair. Jhene’s mother, Elissa Aiko-Omari, told KJZZ News that the star has a regimen that includes “some oils and treatments,” without going into details.

Elissa also revealed to KJZZ News that the singer has been using a fragrance line “that’s really natural,” which is consistent with Big Chuck Jr.’s comments that said Aiko makes sure she doesn’t over-process her hair.

In case you were wondering about her hair, Jhene Aiko has spoken about its texture and color. She said that it’s a caramel brown, but it can get darker depending on the light. “I have some of the darkest brownish ones that are almost black,” the singer told the Huffington Post.

Hair isn’t her only beauty asset. “She always keeps her eyeliner really vivid,” Big Chuck Jr. added while talking to Arizona’s 97.3 FM. She apparently gets her eyeliner done every day and always has a greenish-blue tint to her eyeshadow.

That’s one of the reasons why people love her looks. A Daily Mail poll with 35,000 votes found that Aiko was the best-dressed artist of 2013. For example, the singer frequently combines clothes and accessories in unexpected ways, like mixing a leather jacket with a skirt or wearing purple velvet pants.

Who braids Jhene Aiko?

Jhene Aiko is a singer best known for her hit remixes of songs by Drake and Rihanna. Her hairstylist Jazmine Harris is the person who creates the braid styles that Jhene is known for. Harris is a braid pro at the salon, and she has her own Instagram where she can demonstrate her skills. Harris is responsible for the braids, head wraps and wigs that Aiko wears on the red carpet. When the two first met over a decade ago, Harris was working at a salon and Aiko was just a fan. Now Harris and Aiko are best friends. Harris is responsible for Aiko’s flawless hair and has had the opportunity to work her magic on Aiko’s dreadlocks, cornrows, and braids.