“Get 5 Easy Steps for Elevating From Average to Extraordinary”

How to Overcome Self-Imposed Glass Ceilings: 5 Tips

Shooting stars are fascinating. They sparkle as they shoot across the sky. As humans, we also desire to shine and be recognized for our achievements. We may work hard, excel in school, land a dream job or even build a social media following, hoping to reach the next level of success. However, sometimes it feels like we’re stuck, like we’ve hit a glass ceiling that we ourselves have created. How can we push through our limits to reach our full potential?

1. Own up

In Shaggy’s popular song “It wasn’t me,” the protagonist denies cheating despite overwhelming evidence. Have you ever found yourself in a similar situation? Hiding or lying to save face can damage your image and even cause you to miss opportunities. When you own up to your mistakes, you shift your focus from finding someone to blame to finding solutions to problems. Admitting fault also shows that you take responsibility for your actions, which earns you respect and trust. It liberates you from living with a secret, allowing you more freedom to act confidently.

2. Don’t wait for the right time

Waiting for the perfect moment to speak up in a meeting, propose a new project idea or start a new business can hold you back. You may never find that perfect opportunity. Just like a person waiting for the right time to jump into a spinning jump rope, you may wait too long, miss your chance and let others down. Instead of waiting for the perfect timing, jump in, and figure it out. Extraordinary things happen when you take action, and good intentions that stay in your head help no one.

3. Excellence, not perfection

Many of us want to be perfect at what we do, but the pursuit of perfection can be a trap. Perfectionism can lead to procrastination, missed deadlines and anxiety. Society highlights perfection as a trophy to brag about on resumes, but in reality, it can signal low confidence. Strive for excellence instead. Excellence means giving your best effort and producing high-quality work. Your superiors will appreciate your effort and hold you in higher regard, leading to more opportunities and promotions.

4. Stand out

Leadership and individuality are qualities that are often encouraged in children but shunned in adults. Standing out from the crowd can have its drawbacks, as some may ridicule or ostracize you for being different. However, being an individual gives you a voice for honest conversations and can inspire others to weigh in as well. Speaking up for what is right, against what is wrong, and even proposing new and innovative ideas will make you stand out, and your superiors will recognize you for your contributions.

5. Don’t wait to feel like it

Completing tasks only when you “feel like it” can become a habit and lead to procrastination, mediocre work and missed opportunities. While you wait to feel the urge, others may have completed the tasks necessary to make a name for themselves. Successful people stay prepared for any opportunity and seize the moment when it arises. Waiting for that productive feeling could mean you miss out on opportunities that would have changed your career trajectory.


Breaking through self-imposed glass ceilings may not be an easy task, but it is necessary for growth and achieving our goals. These five tips, owning up, seizing the moment, striving for excellence instead of perfection, standing out, and staying prepared, will help you overcome obstacles and become the shining star you are meant to be. So go out there and claim your potential.

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