What does King and Queen tattoos mean?

Often thought of as a simple way to show their love, tattoos can serve a much more serious purpose. After all, they can be regarded as actual signs of admiration.

One would not tattoo themselves unless they were very proud of what the tattoo says about them, usually praising somebody else such as their family, friends, or fellow members of the group.

So if you’re looking for a meaningful tattoo with the meaning behind it, then these are for you. Both of these tattoos will show your love and admiration for the underworld and its members.

As we all know, tattoos can often be used as a way to express your pride in who you are and where you come from frequently showing these off with a sense of arrogance.

In this case, the gangster king tattoo shows that the wearer is proud to be associated with people in the underworld. Outlining the letters K and G, this tattoo brings together the gangster and king names of the wearer.

The king term of this tattoo links back to its origin in the respect that it was used by some members of the Sicilian Mafia who would be recognized as the ruling class or royalty in their area.

In the US, ‘King’ is used for any member who has reached a high ranking in an organized crime syndicate|an associate who is considered important or highly regarded within a specific group.

The letters K and G are combined together in an overlapping fashion to create a gangster king tattoo. This is done to create what is known as the “Mob Pattern.”

The King has the power of leadership or the control of a group. As the name suggests, he is the one that everyone looks up to in a gang or syndicate, or family.

In this case, you are assuming this role by wearing this gangster king tattoo. With no face, your crown shows that you’re keeping yourself protected and out of trouble.

Although a lot less common, many gangsters and criminals do like to show their appreciation for their admired members.

When it comes to the world of gangsters, including those in the underworld, there are quite a few people who are admired. Some affectionately refer to them as “the girls.” And if you’re one of them, then this tattoo is a awesome way to show your allegiance.

The gangster queen tattoo consists of a circle, with the letters K and G overlapping the outside of it. It’s also a fairly old one, being first used by members of the Chinese Triads when they needed to signal to each other that they were members.

This is often done because there are a lot of different triads, secret societies, and gangs within China.

If you are looking for a way to show your allegiance to the underworld but have no particular gang member in mind, then this is a good choice for you.

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