How Do You Do A Frontal Braids?

Frontal Braids is a very popular braid type that combines all the elements you need for very durable hair. The frontal braid starts at the roots and ends in a ponytail. This also gives it a very neat and clean finish. The hair is divided into three equal sections. Frontal braids can be worn down, done in a French style, or even up into a ponytail for more volume and volume.

Can you braid a frontal?

Yes, you can braid a frontal! Imagine the days when everything involved in braiding your hair took more time and effort. Today, practically every woman has a small device like this tucked somewhere inside her purse or knapsack. Braids are easy to do and easy to fix quickly. There is no excuse for not trying this at home. Just find yourself some hair elastic and watch me show you how it’s done in just three simple steps.

Step 1

Get your hair ready. I’m using my own hair to demonstrate this, but you can practice on someone else if you like. If your weft is thick or your hair is thin, then choose a strand that won’t fall apart when you braid it. Here, I’m going to use a pretty thin one so that the braid stands out more clearly.

Step 2

Start by combing the hair gently from underneath, and then secure it with a clip at the back of your neck. This way, you’ll have an extra hand free for braid-making.

Step 3

The first part of the braid is the start and endpoint. To do this, divide your hair into sections. I’ve done it this way so that my hair elastic won’t be visible at the top of my head. Always braid away from the face – towards your ear – when creating a three-strand braid like this.

Step 4

Start with a ponytail loop at the top and braid the first two sections to the left. Then start a second ponytail loop on the other side and pull it straight through. Braid that to the right. Keep repeating this pattern until you reach the end of your hair. Leave an end (a bit longer than you started with) hanging down so that you can weave in some extra hairline tape or hair elastic to finish off the braid.

Step 5

Now comes the fun part. Take a length of hair and gently pull it through your braid to create a new loop. Repeat this step until the braid is the desired length. The majority of the time, I go for two loops, but that’s just me!

Step 6

I like to create a thinner overall braid by completing each section with a ponytail loop. Then, I tie it all off with some extra hair elastic. Voila! If you want, you can also use a bit of hair glue to keep the elastic in place, but I’ve found that it works perfectly even with just my plait.

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