“Experience the Top 20 Destinations British Expats Can’t Get Enough Of!”

The Unexpected Places British Expats Choose to Emigrate

When people think of immigrants, they often picture individuals from developing nations in search of a better life in a bustling city. However, people from diverse backgrounds and nationalities harbor aspirations of chasing their dreams, and a lot of Brits realize they have unique opportunities for personal and professional fulfillment beyond their homeland’s borders. Many British expats tend to flock towards warm and sunny lands, an inclination that seems justified when you consider the gray and dreary climate of the Isles. However, this clever infographic by PackSend demonstrates that Brits choose an array of geographies that are not typical or predictable for their diaspora.

European Destinations

It’s no surprise that European countries like Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and the nearby Ireland are among the most sought-after destinations for British expats. They are relatively close to the UK and share similarities in terms of culture and lifestyle, which makes their integration relatively convenient. High living standards, excellent healthcare, and favorable work opportunities are some of the reasons why these countries attract British expats in droves. Portugal has gained particular popularity amongst retirees from the UK, thanks to its favorable tax regime and pleasant climate.

The Exotic East

Apart from Europe, many Brits also choose to make their homes in exotic Asian destinations, such as Singapore, Japan, and China. Although miles apart in terms of geography and history, these countries share an economic success story and cultural richness that is unsurpassed. Singapore is a vibrant metropolis whose modern amenities and balanced lifestyle make it a favorite destination for expats across the globe. Japan, with its unique blend of ancient traditions and modern trends, has always intrigued the Western world, and it’s not a surprise that British citizens are keen on exploring this exceptional culture. China’s unparalleled economic rise and its vast, complex history make it a fascinating destination to work, explore and experience in equal measure.

The Middle East

For those who enjoy sun, sand, and luxury, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a haven that provides a perfect antidote to the UK’s rugged climate. Brits flock to Dubai and Abu Dhabi, both of which have become cosmopolitan cities with high living standards and numerous recreational activities. Apart from working in sectors like finance, media, or hospitality, the Middle East offers a unique cultural experience that blends the old world’s charm with 21st-century glitter.

Former Colonies

Former British colonies such as Australia, the US, and New Zealand continue to be highly sought-after destinations for British expats. They are countries where English is the primary language, making integration and assimilation a cinch. Despite the distance, these countries share an ancestral bond with Britain, which makes the decision to move to these places easier. Australia boasts of gorgeous beaches, friendly locals, and a relaxed pace of life, an ideal destination for people looking to slow down and enjoy life. The US, with its vast geographical expanse, diversity, and endless opportunities, remains the preferred choice for many British expats. New Zealand, with its stunning natural beauty and low population density, is a favorite for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded cities.


The British expat community continues to thrive across the world, with more and more individuals looking to explore and settle in various geographies. Whether it’s the lure of the sun, the search for adventure, or the need for a change of pace, there are many potential destinations that are within reach. With the help of PackSend’s infographic, British citizens can get a sense of the popular destinations that other people from their country have chosen to immigrate to. Regardless of the destination, moving to a new country is a life-changing decision that requires careful consideration and planning, but the rewards can be immense if you embrace the opportunity.