10+ Pretty Dahlia Tattoos You Will Love

Dahlia tattoos designs are a popular among women and men. It can symbolize many things, each one being unique and special to the wearer. Whatever your desire be, these powerful symbols have the power to ignite meaning in one’s life and give it balance, strength, protection .

In this article you will see some of their beauty as well as find out their meanings. You will also see how they can apply different meanings in different situations or cultures.


In Swedish the word Dahlia means “dark flower” which is why this flower is also often called Black Lace, Dark Flower or Mystery Flower. Dahlias have been growing in the gardens of ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians and Aztecs. Their floral-like appearance has made them a symbol of beauty, power and mystery throughout history. In other cultures they represent death. The Native Americans refer to Dahlias as “the one that carries away souls.

Dahlias are considered to be one of the most popular plants to be used in tattoos. If you ever stop by a tattoo parlor, you will probably notice a lot of Dahlia and other flower tattoo designs. This is because Dahlias symbolize different meanings in different cultures and they have been used to represent different intentions throughout history. In Japan they are considered sacred flowers due to their traditional beauty and strong representation of womanhood.

What does a dahlia tattoos mean?

When it comes to staying original with your ink design, there is no better idea than getting a dahlia tattoo. Here’s the story behind this lovely flower, and what it means for those who end up with it on their skin.

A dahlia is a beautiful flower that has long been associated with death, but this symbol has a deep meaning in much more than just floral symbolism. It’s very likely that you won’t be able to find anyone who doesn’t derive some sort of meaning from the fact that dahlias are rooted in death.

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