“Create Your Own Unique 12-Sided Calendar in 5 Simple Steps”

Creating a Unique Desktop Toy: The 12 Sided Calendar

Do you find yourself constantly searching for new ways to spice up your workspace? Well, look no further as we introduce you to the 12 sided calendar. This online generator creates a unique and visually appealing template that fits nicely into a pentagon dodecahedron. Not only does it serve as an artistic desktop accessory, but it also functions as a dice to help decide when to tackle non-urgent tasks.

The 12 sided calendar can be customized to fit personal preferences and styles. The pentagon dodecahedron style is perfect for those who prefer a simpler and cleaner design. On the other hand, for individuals who want a more geeky and complex feel, the rhombic dodecahedron style may be preferred, although we still favour the pentagon one.

To create the 12 sided calendar, simply visit the online generator available at http://www.ii.uib.no/~arntzen/kalender/. Here, users can choose to either print out the template or save it as a PDF file. The user-friendly interface allows for easy customization, including options to change the colour scheme and add personal information.

Aside from its visual appeal, the 12 sided calendar also adds a fun and practical element to your workspace. Use the dice function to help decide when to start on non-urgent tasks, or simply use it as a reminder or countdown to important events. Plus, the unique design is sure to spark conversation and intrigue among your coworkers and friends.

Not only is the 12 sided calendar a great addition to any workspace, but it also serves as a creative and thoughtful gift idea. Its uniqueness and personal touch allows for a deeper level of appreciation from the recipient. Customize the calendar with their favourite colours and add their personal information for an extra touch of thoughtfulness.

In conclusion, the 12 sided calendar is a must-have desktop accessory for anyone seeking a unique and practical addition to their workspace. Its customizable design, practical capabilities, and potential as a gift idea make it a worthwhile purchase or DIY project. So head over to http://www.ii.uib.no/~arntzen/kalender/ to start creating your very own 12 sided calendar.

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