“Capture the Magic of Christmas: 5 Must-Have Photos to Snap Now!”

5 Photos You Must Take This Christmas

By the time New Year’s Day rolls around, your digital camera’s memory card and phone should be chock full of images from the season. You even took a picture of the green Jello you had for dinner on Christmas. While that image is fun for the time being, who wants to look at a plate of slime the rest of their life? Maybe if your little brother was to dunk his face in it; but that’s highly improbable. Make sure you get the pictures of moments that you want to remember over and over again.

Here are five must-have photos to take this Christmas season:

1. Family Photo

Yes, that means FAMILY photo- no excuses! Cameras are so neat these days. Most of them come with a “timer” feature, so the entire family can be in the shot without someone needing to push the button. This is important because it is so fun to watch how your family grows and increases in numbers.

2. Santa’s Best Gifts

Are you so excited for a gift that Santa is bringing one of your little ones? When I was nine years old ‘Santa’ gave me a baseball mitt. I was so elated with joy when I opened it that I actually started to cry! Do we have a picture of it? Nope – but I wish we did so that I could see the pure thrill in my face. Make sure you have the camera handy on Christmas morning.

3. Tradition!

(Yes, I did sing that in my head Fiddler on the Roof style.) The question arises often, “What traditions did your family do when you were little?” Well… take a picture of it! Do you give your kids new pajamas every Christmas Eve, bake cookies for Santa, or sing carols at a retirement home? It’s fun to be reminded of the action items in our lives.

4. Deck the Halls with Decorations

I have two reasons for this one. First, my mom, who decorates for Christmas like it’s nobody’s business, states every year that she wished she had taken a picture of her decorations so that she could remember where she put things! Secondly, my husband has inherited several holiday decorations that he used to love growing up, and it would have been cool to see those items in their prime, and feel of their significance.

5. A Family that Plays Together Stays Together

The fun of opening presents has come and gone, but the day is not over. Capture the moments of your family actually getting along as they check out each other’s loot. Try to evoke the emotion through the lens that the day is not about the actual presents themselves, but the people that surround us.

Making sure these photos take their place in your 2012 Christmas photo album is a sure-fire way to remember the love that was felt, and the fun that was had. Isn’t that what the season is all about?

In conclusion, this Christmas season, make sure to take lots of pictures of moments that matter to you, and add them to your photo album. Remember to take family photos, capture the excitement of opening gifts, photograph the traditions you hold dear and the decorations that make your home festive, and most importantly, make sure to capture the warmth of your family playing together. These photos will serve as a fond reminder of the joys and love that you experienced during this magical season.

Remember, it’s not about the plates of green Jello or any other silly mishaps, but all about the life’s precious moments we share with our loved ones.