10+ Butterfly Box Braids To Inspire Your Next Style

Butterfly Box Braids are a protective style that is done with braiding your natural hair in cornrows, then creating box braids over the cornrows by making 3 parts to each braid. The side part is what creates the butterfly shape. With butterfly box braids, you can leave out the side part, but most of the time it is preferred to have some protection on your natural hair. The cornrows can be any type of cornrow as well. You can find them in your favorite style or in a different style that you may prefer.

How to do butterfly Box Braids?

The most popular design for black women is the box braid. A lot of women even refer to this style as the “basic” hairstyle because it’s so simple yet so elegant. It can be done with a little bit of time and patience, and it always comes out beautifully. All you need is some hair extensions and a little bit of knowledge about braiding. Check this awesome jumbo knotless braids with beads ideas.

Now, if you’re wondering how to do butterfly box braids on black hair, then you have come to the right place. It’s an easy hairstyle that makes your regular box braid even more unique. You don’t even have to worry about the back of your hair; simply twist it up into a ponytail or leave it down.

Butterfly box braids are simple and cute, but they can also be a little bit challenging. Here’s the step-by-step guide to do this hairstyle with ease and success.

Materials you need

Hair extensions; 1 roll is enough for the whole head. A small rat tail comb or fine-tooth comb for wefting and separating strands of extensions. A large barrette for the hair extensions. A pair of scissors. Hot irons and steamer.

Step-by-step guide to butterfly box braids

1. First, put your hair extensions in a ponytail and clip it on top of your head with a rat tail comb or fine-tooth comb. Then, you have to separate the strands of hair by using your hand or a small barrette with clips.

2. Next, take the two front sections and twist them around each other in a clockwise direction. Remember that the strands of hair should move on top of each other. This will form a loop and the hair extensions will start forming a butterfly pattern.

3. Continue with the remaining sections until you have created a butterfly pattern on all your hair extensions. Then, secure them together using a hair-tie.

4. Now, divide the strands of extensions until you have six equal sections. Twist each section so that the hair extensions start forming a regular box braid pattern. If you want to add something special to your braid, you can take a small piece of hair and weave it between two sections of extensions to create some waves or curls.

5. Secure the entire hairstyle with a barrette when you’re done. You can also leave it down if you think your regular braids look good.

6. Go ahead and use your fingers to spread the braids apart for more volume and to make them look even more natural. This is what makes butterfly box braids so stunning, since it’s very fashionable and pretty.

What hair is used for butterfly box braids?

Butterfly box braids are defined as a three strand braid on the side of your head with a tail sticking out the back of it, and sometimes a tail on both sides. Butterfly box braids can be done using regular human hair or synthetic hair. Most people who want to do their own black, brown, blonde, red or white butterfly box braids end up purchasing synthetic hair for this sole purpose. The synthetic hair is primarily used for the tails of the butterfly box braids, as it’s not been bleached or dyed to keep the colors. The synthetic hair that is used for these styles is usually a braid-friendly type of hair (you can find tutorials on how to camouflage synthetic hair or tips on how to install this type of hair in a braid, too).

Synthetic hair doesn’t tend to hold its curl texture very well when it comes to this style. You cannot heat style synthetic braiding or weave hair and expect it to hold its curls. It has to be air dried in order for it to hold its curl, as well as other natural elements. Heat styling synthetic braiding or weave hair is technically considered a form of damage. Since the hair isn’t real, you can’t expect it to behave in the same way that human locks do.

How many packs of hair do you need for butterfly braids?

Butterfly braids are a great hairstyle for school aged children and teenage girls. This style is easy to put in, you can do it with three packs, and it looks cute enough to wear on a date or at a party. As for how long the hair has to be, the length doesn’t matter, but if you have long hair then try using five packs instead of three.

How do you plait a knotless butterfly braid?

A butterfly is a type of plait that is knotless. It doesn’t have any knots or braids that are visible to the naked eye.

To create a butterfly braid, first section off your hair into three different sections, but have two of them overlapping each other by about one inch. Then take the first section and plait it up towards the right side of your head, tucking in extra strands along the way so you don’t lose track. Repeat with the next section, tucking in extra strands as you come away from the second one before braiding. Finish off by braiding your last section and weaving it over and under the two other sections to make it look like a butterfly.

When finished, your butterfly braid should look like a three-sectioned, overlapping braid. Braiding your hair this way means that your hair won’t fall flat or mat down. It will move naturally with your head and lay flat against your head in an even line when pulled into a ponytail.

How long does butterfly braids last?

The length of time that butterfly braids last will depend on the hair’s porosity. Usually, these braids will last between three to six weeks. If you want to keep your hair out of a braid for longer than six weeks, it might be in your best interest to wash it more often.

Butterfly braids can also last as long as nine months with proper care and maintenance. A braided weave can last an average of six months.

butterfly box braids hairstyles

Butterfly box braids are a great hairstyle that is easy to do, and can be found all over Instagram. They’re perfect for getting two looks from one hair-do. Whether you want something subtle and low maintenance or edgy, butterfly box braids can help you achieve the look you want in just minutes.

What makes them so versatile is the fact that you can leave them as butterfly braids or add extensions to get a longer, more dramatic look–and both are perfect for summer. Most of all, they’re easy enough to do at home and require just the right amount of time and effort.