10+ Gorgeous Burgundy Box Braids Hairstyle

burgundy box braids

Burgundy box braids are a new take on the traditional box braid. This is done by adding burgundy color hair to one of the sections that are braided. This style can be created with three, four or five sections of hair, depending on how thick you want your braid to be. If you choose to use four or five sections of hair, make sure there are two of the darker colors next to each other for more contrast.

This style is an excellent way to show off your new burgundy highlights. It can also look great if you have darker hair but want a change of pace.

There are two ways to get this look. If you want to do this yourself, then pin up the hair you want to braid and take sections of hair from your side sections across the top of your head. You can then pin that hair up also and begin braiding down one of the sides. You will choose if you want to braid the burgundy section or not. If you want your braid to be longer, then you will also want to take hair from the middle and underneath portions of your head so that they are evenly distributed. Check this awesome ombre knotless braids ideas.

If you would like to speed up the process, then there is also a method where you can use a hot tool instead of your fingers. You can use a flat iron for this part and start by brushing it in the direction that you want it to go. Then you can use a medium heat setting to do the entire section. It is best to do this step with a friend so that they can be there to help you make sure it is even on the sides and in the middle. If you leave it at this temperature for too long, then your hair could get very frizzy, so make sure that you watch the time carefully.

Once it has been ironed, then let it cool completely before touching or cutting it out of your hair.

The process of getting this look can take up to two hours, depending on how many sections you choose and if you are doing it by yourself or not. This is an incredibly versatile style that you can wear almost anywhere. It is also easy to create and can be a great addition to your normal hairstyle.

If you are interested in this style, then it is best to get burgundy hair extensions from a store or online to use in your braid for the day. If you want to do this effectively and still maintain your long hair under control, then it is best for you to first find out if the extensions that you want to use are approved for coloring your hair. You can also ask the stylist for help in finding a good brand as well.

Black and burgundy box braids

Black and burgundy box braids are all the rage right now. This style is perfect for those who want to try something different with their locks this season. This style is super easy to do, and you can achieve a lot of different looks with the different braid patterns.

Black and burgundy box braids give off a retro vibe while also giving off more contemporary looks that are modern. If you are looking to add some extra flair and stand out from the crowd, this can be the way to go. People will be able to tell that you put some work into your style.

Let’s get started.

This style can be done on naturally straight or curly hair. If you have naturally curly hair, I would recommend wearing this look curly to show off the curls. You can also wear your hair bone straight, which will show off some of the gorgeous box braids that you have in this style as well.

The versatility of this look is also amazing since it can be worn by women of any age and ethnicity. You can also wear this style, either long or short, with ease, of course.

What Colour is burgundy braids?

The protective hairstyle known as burgundy box braids involves dying the hair in a darker shade of red-purple tones and sectioning it off into square or “boxy” portions.

What is the best color for box braids?

You can stick with something simple and natural, like black and brown in different shades. You can also try something different by going blond or red. Or try something even more different, like blue, yellow, or grey.

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