10+ Eye Catching Bubble Tattoos Ideas

Bubble tattoos are a relatively new trend in the tattoo world. Unlike traditional tattoos, bubble tattoos require no needles or ink- they are created by blowing air through a straw. With this technique, people can create custom designs that suit their personalities and tastes. It’s an inexpensive alternative to the permanence of body art that lasts for decades.

Bubble tattoos break the traditional style of tattoos, which have been in existence since their conception. Traditionally, a tattoo instils an individual with a sense of belonging to a specific group or culture, and it is supposed to be permanent.

Individuals with bubble tattoos do not necessarily adhere to any specific group, but they can still represent whatever symbol suits their personality. The creation and design of bubble tattoos are not only for the bizarre but for those who want more creative designs on their skin.

Although the bubble tattoo is enjoyed by many, some health and safety concerns should be considered.

Bubble tattoos are not traditional tattoos and as such do not use the same method of transfer. It uses a straw to blow color into the skin, instead of needles or ink. This makes it an inexpensive alternative for those who cannot afford traditional tattoos or for those looking for something more creative. The design created depends on the air flow which means that multiple colors can be included in one individual tattoo design.

Bubble tattoo ideas are many, and they run the gamut from gaudy to tasteful. It’s an easy way to inject a touch of whimsy into your life. Whether you’re an arm sleeve or a shoulder, the eye-catching nature of these designs will make it hard for anyone not to notice your latest masterpiece.

The thing to remember when choosing a tattoo is that it’s something you’re going to live with, perhaps for the rest of your life. It makes sense, therefore, to make sure you actually like what you see in the mirror every day. That’s not an issue with bubble tattoos for men and women – these designs are too much fun to actively dislike. See also this stunning tummy tuck scars tattoos ideas!

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