“Boost Your Typing Speed with These Top 10 Mechanical Keyboards”

Mechanical keyboards have been predominantly used by hardcore gamers, but they are also beneficial for individuals who use computers for typing purposes, such as programmers, transcribers or online content creators. Mechanical keyboards provide a more satisfying typing experience, resulting in faster typing speed and an increased level of comfort due to wrist rest support. Additionally, for individuals who prefer typing in dimly lit environments, mechanical keyboards incorporate LED backlighting.

The following is a list of the top mechanical keyboards, curated for their unique features and design:

1. Redragon K552: This keyboard is known for its ergonomic design and LED backlighting, providing comfort and ease of use in low-light conditions.

2. Razer BlackWidow: One of the most durable mechanical keyboards in the market, the Razer BlackWidow features Chroma technology, enabling backlit keys, tactile bump and audible click features, and an extra five macro keys.

3. Logitech Orion: This keyboard boasts a 25 percent faster actuation rate, making it one of the fastest keyboards in the market. It has nine programmable G-Keys, making it customizable to suit individual needs.

4. Razer Ornata: The Ornata has high-performance mecha-membrane switches, providing a tactile feedback similar to a mechanical keyboard while also providing wrist support for prolonged typing sessions.

5. Razer Cynosa: The Cynosa mechanically engineered keyboard comes with a two-year warranty and is built to withstand over 80 million keystrokes.

6. Redragon K556: This compact mechanical keyboard incorporates an ergonomic design, backlit modes and brown switches for faster typing speed.

7. NPET Floating Keyboard: This budget-friendly keyboard has an ergonomic design, LED backlighting that can be swapped into four unique modes, and UV coated keycaps.

8. Klim Chroma: This wireless mechanical keyboard has a lifetime of 10 billion keystrokes and is ideal for gaming and work purposes due to its portability.

9. Pictek Mechanical Keyboard: This 10 billion keystroke test keyboard is compatible with both Windows and Mac, features blue switches and includes a keycap puller for easy cleaning.

10. SteelSeries Apex Hybrid: The aircraft-grade aluminum alloy used to construct this keyboard provides unparalleled durability. Additionally, the keyboard offers a premium magnetic wrist rest for support and ease of use.


Based on the aforementioned mechanical keyboards, each offers a unique set of features that cater to individual taste and preference. Mechanical keyboards have become an essential tool for fast typing and comfort, providing an enhanced user experience. Whether it is for gaming, programming, or typing online content, these keyboards are configured to provide the best typing experience possible.

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