“Boost Your Tech Game with These Five Must-Have Internet of Things Devices”

The Evolution of Internet of Things: Five Fascinating Apps to Look Forward To

Internet of Things (IoT) has become a buzzword in the technology world. People are discovering new devices that are being created every day. With IoT, we are transcending into an era where household appliances, transportation, and infrastructure will be connected. I recently spoke with Debraj and Dinesh, two PhDs from Georgia State University, who are working on IoT projects, and they introduced me to some of the most interesting apps being developed by various laboratories around the world.

Here are five fascinating IoT apps that we can look forward to in the future:

1. Your Phone Made of Lego Like Bricks

Imagine having a phone made out of bricks that can be replaced as needed. The possibilities are endless with this kind of design. You could change your phone’s screen to a high-definition display by simply removing the old one and plugging in the new one, or upgrade your phone to a more powerful processor without rendering the old one useless. This is the age of modular smartphones. This cool idea was introduced by PhoneBloks, a modular mobile hardware initiative.

2. Roads that Operate to Save Energy

IoT researchers are working with roads that can “mind their surroundings” with cheap sensor arrays that detect passing cars and reactively or proactively turn the street lights on only when necessary. These smart roads will also have lights powered by vehicle wind drafts and induction-based on-the-go charging of electric cars.

3. Apps for PCs to Control Appliances

IoT goes beyond controlling household appliances by integrating these functions into your PC, so you can turn on your heater before leaving your house or heating milk for your baby from your phone. MC10 is working on wearable electronics that monitor our bodily functions, such as cosmetics, and can be connected to Cyber-physical-systems that enable endless possibilities for app developers to create exciting new ideas.

4. Ice Cubes that Text Your Friends to Play DD

For people who tend to lose control after drinking, IoT has a simple solution, “drunk ice.” Dhairya Dand, a student at MIT media lab, created ice cubes that change color depending on how much you drink. If you neglect the indicator and continue to drink, the ice cubes will text your friends to let them know that you are too drunk to drive home.

5. What Song to Play?

Shazam revolutionized the way we identify music playing in our surroundings. Microsoft is taking this further with “Musical Heart,” a project undertaken by the University of Virginia’s Centre for Wireless Health as part of Microsoft’s Septimu project. Earbuds are being designed that will play songs based on your mood, health, and situation.

Conclusion: The Future of IoT

IoT presents endless opportunities in a world where technology is advancing at a faster pace than ever before. The Internet of Things has become an umbrella that encompasses a broad range of services and products. This list is just a sneak peek into what we can look forward to, but it’s clear that IoT will continue to provide solutions that will transform how we live our lives.

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