Boost Your Teaching Career with These 5 Online Degrees – Take Your Skills to the Next Level!

Becoming a Teacher: The Power of Pursuing Non-Education Degrees

Aspiring teachers often believe that obtaining a degree in education is the only way to enter the field. However, that is far from the truth. With additional training and certification, individuals with various degrees can become proficient educators. Here are some non-education degrees that can prepare individuals to excel as teachers.

1. Psychology

It is no secret that students undergo immense physical and emotional changes during their adolescent years. A degree in psychology equips individuals with the tools to understand and navigate their students’ mental states. Educators with a background in psychology can effectively address students dealing with academic and social struggles, which are common in the adolescent population.

2. Business

Although pursuing a business degree may seem unrelated to education, it can still be a great asset to a teacher. The leadership skills acquired while obtaining an MBA are easily transferable to a classroom setting. A business degree communicates to employers that the individual is well-educated and capable of hard work, making them a strong candidate for teaching positions.

3. Library Science

Obtaining a library science degree prepares individuals for the administrative aspects of a teaching job. This degree equips individuals with knowledge of information systems and how they function. Furthermore, the degree can boost the applicant’s resume, indicating to potential employers that they are a valuable candidate for the position.

4. Communications

As teachers, individuals will spend a lot of time communicating with various individuals such as students, parents, and principals. Therefore, it is essential that teachers can effectively articulate their ideas and lesson plans. A degree in communications equips individuals with this skill, enabling them to confidently handle any communication challenge that comes their way.

5. Administrative Science

A degree in administrative science prepares individuals for the ‘behind-the-scenes’ requirements of the teaching profession. While not all of a teacher’s time is spent in the classroom, there will be administrative duties such as filing documents, organizing meetings, and measuring student performance. A degree in administrative science prepares individuals to manage these responsibilities effectively.

Ultimately, the degree pursued by an aspiring teacher should bring happiness and fulfillment in their teaching career. These five degrees are just some examples of non-education areas of emphasis that can prepare individuals to become excellent teachers.


The misconception that obtaining an education degree is the only path to becoming a teacher is far from accurate. Individuals with various degrees can pursue teaching careers, provided they meet the necessary state requirements. Degrees in psychology, business, library science, communications, and administrative science can prepare individuals to excel in teaching positions. It is crucial to pursue a degree that brings happiness and fulfilment as it can impact an individual’s teaching career positively.

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