“Boost Your Success in Life With These 5 Essential Body Language Fundamentals”

Body language isn’t just a set of techniques; it is the way you move in the world. Your body language is the primary means for people to understand who you really are. It can evoke emotions that you may not even be aware of. For instance, if you hold your body with confidence, you will feel more confident, while if you slump your shoulders and hang your head, you will feel sad and depressed.

Your body language affects how you feel, how you communicate, what you strive for and what you allow to escape your grasp. Therefore, it is important to be aware of your body language and how it affects your life. In this article, we will outline five body language expressions that can help you achieve the life you desire.

1. Open or Closed?

The language of “open and closed” is an excellent way to understand the impact of your body language. Your body language tells people whether you are open and receptive or closed and anxious. Open body language signals trust, warmth, solidity, and comfort in being yourself, and makes others feel welcome. Closed body language signals coldness, insecurity, isolation, and it makes others feel outside your sphere.

Creating open body language requires some effort, but it is worth it. Begin by making eye contact with others, and show them that you are open to interacting with them. Uncross your arms and have a good posture that conveys strength, solidity, alertness, and confidence.

2. What is Your Voice Saying?

The meaning of language is always dependent upon tonality. Therefore, it is important to practice the tonality of your voice. If you want to convey authority, practice that with common expressions. If you tend to come off as cold, and you want to convey warmth, practice that. If you want to inject more positivity into your interactions, add positivity. Start noticing the tonality of your voice and others, and the social dynamics in your life will start shifting.

3. Add a Personal Touch

Touch is an integral part of human interaction. To deepen the level of connection you have with people, try establishing a personal touch. Start with something small like high-fiving the person when you both agree on something, which gives them the opportunity to join in the initial touch. Or, at a moment of agreement, laughter or sudden closeness, briefly touch someone’s upper arm. Simple touch increases feelings of goodwill, which can quickly deepen the connection that you’re having with another person.

4. Are We Far Apart or Close?

The physical distance that you’re close or far away from a person influences the kind of impact you have on them. The closer you are to a person when you’re communicating, the deeper the connection will be felt between the both of you. If you’re farther away, the lesser the connection will be. Therefore, try modulating your physical distance, and you will feel a psychological difference in your interactions.

5. “Oh! We are Alike!”

Mirror neurons help us to understand one another, and the gestures we make to each other. If you want to create a deep sense of connection, mimic the gestures, key words, vocal tonality, and pace of speech of the person you’re talking to. Doing this will deepen the level of connection between you two, as we all have a similarity bias, which means that we tend to like people more when we find them similar to us.

In conclusion, Body language isn’t just a set of techniques or a show to put on for others. Your body language is how you move and interact with the world, and it determines how you feel, what you say, what you strive for and what you allow to escape your life. Therefore, self-awareness of your body language is crucial to achieving success in both personal and professional life. Be aware of the impact of your body language, and practice the expressions outlined in this article.

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